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La famiglia della Florida trova un alligatore di quasi 11 piedi in piscina

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Un alligatore di quasi 11 piedi è stato recentemente trovato nella piscina di una famiglia nella contea di Charlotte, secondo un post di Facebook condiviso martedì dall'ufficio dello sceriffo della contea di Charlotte. L'alligatore era 10 piedi, 11 pollici ...

11-foot alligator blocks traffic on Florida highway

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Just when you thought rush hour couldn't get any worse. A behemoth 11-foot alligator wandered onto State Road 417 in Florida on Wednesday morning, holding up traffic for almost an hour, according to the Seminole Co...

11-foot hammerhead shark washes up on Florida beach

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An 11-foot hammerhead shark washed up on a beach in southern Florida, much to beachgoers' surprise. Visitors at Pompano Beach, north of Fort Lauderdale, encountered the shark's corpse on April 6, according to CNN af...

Portelli dell'anatra madre

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A Florida man has died after crashing his car into an 11-foot alligator. The crash occurred after midnight on Thursday, according to a statement from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. John Hopkins, 59, was d...

Florida fisherman chased by 11-foot alligator in Everglades and it was caught on camera

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Tommy Lee, 22, was tarpon fishing in the Everglades on Saturday morning when he came face-to-face with a bull alligator he believes was more than 11 feet in length. Before the gator swam up to shore, Lee had been rec...