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la follia di marzo 2022: TCU gets first NCAA win since 1987 with rout of Seton Hall

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The Horned Frogs' last tournament victory was in 1987 against Marshall, when coach Jamie Dixon was a senior at his alma mater. They haven't had many opportunities since: This was their third appearance since 1988 e...

1987 Buick GNX muscle car venduta per il record di Ebay di $249,999

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Un esempio raro 1987 la coupé è stata venduta la scorsa settimana su Ebay per $ 249,999, segnando il secondo prezzo più alto pagato per il classico che si apprezza rapidamente e un record su Ebay. Diversi sono andati per oltre $ 200,000 questo si...

$215,000 1987 Buick GNX muscle car auction price isn’t that impressive

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Auction prices for the rare 1987 muscle cars have reached staggering heights this year, with several selling for over $ 200,000, including one that went for a record $ 275,000 nel mese di giugno. Every 1987 Buick GN...

Barely-driven 1987 Buick GNX muscle car sold for $236,000

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A string of rare 1987 Buick GNX muscle cars have been auctioned in recent months at prices over $ 200,000. Solo 547 Buick GNXs were built in 1987. (Bring A Trailer) L'ultimo esempio, which has jus...

1987 Buick GNX muscle car sold for near-record $206,000

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The price paid for the black two-door was the second highest ever for a sale on the Bring A Trailer auction website and the latest to break the $ 200,000 mark.

Raro 1987 Buick GNX muscle car auctioned for near-record $215,000

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UN 1987 Buick GNX muscle car with just 1,200 miles on the odometer was sold on the Bring a Trailer website on Wednesday for a near-record $ 215,000 amid frantic last-minute bidding. Buick built 547 of the coupes whic...

1987 Buick GNX muscle car sold for record $275,000

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The muscle car has just 8.7 miles on the odometer was sold for $ 275,000 at Barrett-Jackson's Las Vegas auction. The black coupe is one of just 547 like it that were built and was one of the quickest cars in the wor...

Message in a bottle dated 1987 is actually a prank: rapporto

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Christopher Nolan discovered the bottle in his mother’s canal in Marathon, Florida, all'inizio di questa settimana, local station WBTW reported Wednesday. When he looked inside the bottle, Nolan reportedly found this message: "D ...

Raro 1987 Buick GNX muscle car guidata solo 262 miglia vendute per $205,000

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The GNX was an evolution of the Buick Grand National and featured a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 officially rated at 276 hp, but suspected to put out much more, that made it one of the quickest cars in the world in its ...

Judge on Trump’s SCOTUS list volunteered for the 1987 Biden presidential campaign

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Joan Larsen, one of the candidates on President Donald Trump's list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court, once volunteered for Joe Biden's 1987 campagna presidenziale. In a Fox News interview on Monday, briscola ...