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Former Philadelphia officer is indicted for murder in 2017 shooting of unarmed Black man

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A former Philadelphia police officer was indicted on murder charges Friday in the 2017 shooting death of an unarmed Black man, aanklaers sê. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announced that a grand jur...

Andy Murray gets 1st Wimbledon win since 2017, reveals cringey detail of brief break

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Murray won the match Monday, 6-4, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3. Murray was up 5-0 in the third set and was broken three times in a row and lost seven straight games. He was twice one point away from winning the match in the third s...

Australia Test cricket captain Tim Paine steps down over ​2017 texts sent to female colleague

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Tim Paine has stepped down as Australia's Test cricket captain over an investigation into texts sent to a female colleague in 2017. In a tearful news conference, the 36-year-old Paine said that ​an investigation at ...

Die 2017 travel ban may be associated with preterm births among women from the targeted countries, studie sê

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Die 2017 travel ban imposed by the Trump administration on seven Muslim-majority countries may be associated with an increase in preterm births among women from those countries residing in the United States, ooreenkomste ...

New Hampshire Supreme Court strikes down 2017 law requiring proof of residence to vote

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The New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday voted in a 4-0 decision that a 2017 state law requiring proof of residence to vote is unconstitutional, saying that it "imposes unreasonable burdens on the right to vote." ...

Nuwe videokamera-video wys man wat vir beamptes sê: 'Ek kan nie asemhaal nie’ voordat hy gesterf het in 2017

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Pasgemaakte polisie-kamera-beeldmateriaal wys hoe 'n man in Kalifornië die polisiebeamptes in Fresno vertel, provinsiale balju se adjunkte en paramedici dat hy nie kan asemhaal nie, aangesien hulle hom in bedwang hou in die oomblikke voordat hy in 2...

Federal judge largely faults Air Force for 2017 Texas church shooting

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A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the negligence of the United States government was mostly responsible for the 2017 mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, one of the deadliest mass shootings in ...

Charlottesville can remove the Confederate statues at the center of a 2017 White nationalist rally, Virginia court rules

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Two Confederate statues that sparked fiery protests and the fatal White nationalist rally in 2017 may soon come down in Charlottesville, Virginia. After years of thwarted attempts, Charlottesville can remove statue...

Pro-Trump Senate hopeful J.D. Vance called then-President a ‘moral disaster’ in 2017 boodskappe

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Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance, a venture capitalist and author of the bestselling book "Hillbilly Elegy," disparaged then-President Donald Trump as a "moral disaster" whose administration had "no domes...

April die kameelperd, wat 'n wêreldwye sensasie geword het vir geboorte in 2017, is oorlede

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April die kameelperd, wat 'n internetberoemdheid geword het deur in 'n YouTube-lewendstroom in 2017, is oorlede op die ouderdom van 20. Die geliefde dier is op aanbeveling van haar veeartse weens haar doodgemaak..

Ex-NFL tight end Zach Miller reveals leg was almost amputated after 2017 besering

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Miller needed vascular surgery to repair a damaged artery as a result of the injury, grafting tissue from his right leg, volgens ESPN. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Op Woensdag, the former tight en...

Robert De Niro’s lawyer echoes panned 2017 story in divorce court

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Op daardie stadium, De Niro’s longtime rep Stan Rosenfield huffed, "Your story is based on something that never happened from a source who has an ax to grind." So we were (glad nie) surprised to hear De Niro’s divorce att...

Petrino se oorlede FG lig Maryland oor Illinois 20-17

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Maar die oorwinning het nie maklik vir die Terrapins gekom nie (3-0, 1-0 Groot tien) in hul konferensie-opener. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . In 'n speletjie wat die beste beskryf word as vreemd van begin tot einde, die normaalweg plofbare ...

Ohio congressman says FBI called 2017 baseball shooting targeting GOP ‘suicide by cop,’ demands new probe

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"This conclusion defies logic and contradicts the publicly known facts about the perpetrator and the attack," Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray. "The shooter had an extens...

Seahawks’ Geno Smith throws first TD pass since 2017 as Russell Wilson exits with injury

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Smith was forced to come into the game for the Seattle Seahawks against the Los Angeles Rams after Russell Wilson was sidelined with a dislocated middle finger. Wilson tried to play through it but didn’t look comfort...

Washington Post: Trump administration blocked investigation into delayed relief to Puerto Rico for 2017 orkaan

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The Trump administration put up barriers that delayed $ 20 billion in hurricane relief aid to Puerto Rico and blocked an investigation into the delayed funds, The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing a 46-page...

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