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Italy impress again in 3-0 win over Switzerland at Euro 2020

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A new-look Italy is impressing with its offensive flair at the European Championship. Midfielder Manuel Locatelli scored two goals Wednesday and the Azzurri beat Switzerland 3-0 to become the first team to reach the ...

Ramsey leads Wales over Turkey 2-0 at Euro 2020

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Gareth Bale played a lobbed pass over the opposing defense and Ramsey chested it down before knocking it past onrushing Turkey goalkeeper Ugurcan Çakir in the 42nd minute. B..

Austria forward Marko Arnautovic banned for one game after ‘insultingopposition at Euro 2020

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Austria national footballer Marko Arnautovic has been handed a one-match ban by UEFA for "insulting another player" during his team's 3-1 win against North Macedonia at Euro 2020 op Sondag. The forward, who has Ser...

France’s Paul Pogba ‘bitduring Euro 2020 match vs. Duitsland

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"I'm not crying for cards, yellow, red cards because of such actions," Pogba said, via Reuters. "He nibbled, ek dink, a little bit on me. But we have known each other for a long time. I told the referee and he takes ...

Greenpeace apologizes, local police slam Euro 2020 protestor

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The protestor used a powered paraglider with a motor attached to his back but lost control and hit overhead camera wires attached to the stadium roof, careening over spectators’ heads before he landed on the field ah...

Cristiano Ronaldo makes history at Euro 2020 as Portugal beats Hungary

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Cristiano Ronaldo became the greatest goalscorer in the history of the European Championship finals after netting a brace in Portugal's 3-0 win against Hungary on Tuesday. The 36-year-old had been level with Michel ...

Germany vs. Frankryk: ‘Kick out oilprotester parachutes into Allianz Arena stadium ahead of Euro 2020 wedstryd

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A protester parachuted into Munich's Allianz Arena moments before the start of the Euro 2020 match between Germany and France on Tuesday, injuring several people who were hospitalized, according to European football...

Stunning long range goal lights up Euro 2020 as Czech Republic beats Scotland

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Have we already seen the best goal of Euro 2020? Czech Republic striker Patrik Schick scored a stunning long range effort on Monday to inspire his side to a 2-0 win over Scotland in the teams' first game of the tour...

Czech Republic’s Patrik Schick scores stunning goal from nearly 50 yards out in Euro 2020 wedstryd

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The 25-year-old Bayer Leverkusen member took control of a blocked shot by a teammate near the middle of the pitch and caught the Scottish goalkeeper off guard. Schick fired a shot from nearly 50 yards and scored to p...

Sterling gives England 1-0 win over Croatia at Euro 2020

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Now playing for his country at the iconic venue, he used his right foot to give England the start it had been longing for at the European Championship. The winger’s goal — his first in a tournament in his 13th match ...

Lainer honors Eriksen after goal at Euro 2020

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Lainer held up a white shirt he was thrown from the bench with the message "Eriksen, stay strong" written on it after giving his team a 1-0 lead over North Macedonia in Bucharest...

Jesse Watters blasts liberal media for pushing lies in 2020 to help Biden win the election

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JESSE WATTERS: Did you ever date somebody for a while, and after you break up, you realize the whole relationship was fake? Everything she told you was bull? All your big moments were meaningless? That's 2020. We got...

Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapses on field, receives CPR as Euro 2020 match against Finland is suspended

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Play was immediately stopped at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen just before the end of the first half of the Group B match-up after Eriksen, 29, collapsed on the field where he laid unresponsive. POLICE AT NERVE CENTER...

Denmark’s Euro 2020 match against Finland is suspended after Christian Eriksen collapses

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Denmark's opening Euro 2020 match against Finland has been suspended after star midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed during the first half in Copenhagen. There were visible efforts from the medical staff to resusc...

Sakkari tops 2020 French champ Swiatek; 4 in 1st Slam SFs

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Sakkari is still two wins away from lifting the trophy, but Wednesday's victory means she's already in new territory — just like the other three women left in the draw. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Sakkari...

Geweld in Chicago is dood 3 keer meer kinders in 2021 in vergelyking met dieselfde tyd in 2020, verslag sê

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Die Chicago Sun-Times het die misdaadstatistieke van hierdie jaar ontleed en bevind dat die tempo waarteen kinders doodgeskiet word, drie keer hoër is as wat dit gedurende dieselfde tydperk in 2020. Geweer van gewere het beweer ...

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