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Ohtani voted AL MVP for 2-way season, Harper wins NL honor

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Ohtani received all 30 first-place votes and 420 points in voting by members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Toronto first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was second with 29 sekondes en 269 punte, en ...

Ohtani done on mound in his standout 2-way season for Angels

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"There’s really nothing left to prove on the mound," manager Joe Maddon said Wednesday. "He’s exceeded expectations on the mound this year." Ohtani then went out and set another offensive milestone, becoming the firs...

Ring video shows dog trying to find his owner in the 2-way talk doorbell

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Tog, that’s exactly what happened to a 10-month-old Labrador retriever named Finn who was left puzzled by his owner’s video doorbell, according to a viral video shared by Ring – a smart home security company. GOLDEN ...

Ohtani becomes 1st 2-way All-Star with perfect 1st inning

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Ohtani, the major league home run leader and one of the American League’s better pitchers for the Los Angeles Angels, was the center of attention Tuesday night as the All-Star Game returned after a one-year absence c...

Shohei Ohtani making history with 2-way success for Angels

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Although Ohtani is off to a superb start to a season with no analogue in the past baseball century, he has walked 19 batters in his four mound appearances. Ohtani has fully emerged as one of the best hitters and also...

Ohtani wins for Angels in 2-way start like none since Ruth

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Shohei Ohtani struck out nine after a shaky first inning on the mound, and also scored three runs and drove in two as the Los Angeles Angels beat the Texas Rangers 9-4 op Maandagaand. "A pretty complete game of base...

Ohtani’s 2-way play, Walsh’s HRs lead Angels past ChiSox 7-4

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By the time he left, the Los Angeles Angels' two-way star had dazzled on the mound and at the plate in a historic two-way performance. And after Sho-time ended, Jared Walsh put on his own impressive effort to secure ...