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McCaskill with 3 TDs as Houston dominates Tulsa 45-10

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McCaskill, who gained 77 erwe aan 17 dra, scored twice from the 1-yard line and added a 27-yard burst up the middle that included a pirouette at about the 15 as he broke through the final defenders. He had previo...

Geen. 20 Arkansas smashes Georgia Southern, 45-10

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Arkansas all but clinched the win on a 91-yard pass from Jefferson to preseason All-SEC wide receiver Treylon Burks with 11:18 left in the third quarter. It was Jefferson’s final touchdown pass of the game and gave A...

Levis throws 4 TD's, Kentucky routs Louisiana Monroe 45-10

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Playing on a sunny afternoon before its biggest crowd in nearly two years following a season of COVID-19-related attendance restrictions, the Wildcats shrugged off a 7-0 deficit after a turnover to overwhelm the rebu...