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Brett Favre paga $600,000 a Mississippi después de que el auditor estatal dice que recibió fondos ilegales. El todavia debe $228,000, el estado dice

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El ex mariscal de campo de la NFL Brett Favre pagó al estado de Mississippi $ 600,000 que supuestamente recibió ilegalmente de fondos de asistencia social destinados a servir a familias necesitadas, según el auditor del estado. Pero él podría ....

Impeachment witness Vindman: If Trump had been removed, 600,000 Americans wouldn’t have died of COVID

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"If the president was held accountable and removed, we would have 600,000 more Americans walking the streets today. If they censured him, the president would have been on his heels, and he probably would have been mo...

Fauci claims US gave $600,000 to Wuhan lab research; documents show it was more

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Reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by Judicial Watch, found that between 2014 y 2019 $ 826,277 was provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) bajo la ...

600,000 kids ages 12-15 received COVID-19 vaccine, James McAvoy ha confirmado que está casado con Lisa Liberati

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Walensky added that her own son is amongst them. "Ayer, we had a landmark day," ella dijo. "As the president announced, más que 60% of people 18 years and older have received at least one vaccine dose. We nee...

This cancer doctor wiped out more than $600,000 in medical debt for his former patients

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An act of kindness by an Arkansas doctor is helping his former patients face the new year with less debt. Dr. Omar T. Atiq voided more than $ 650,000 of unpaid medical bills for those once under his care. "If this ...