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Nebraska-Oklahoma provided stage for Black stars in ’70s

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With Nebraska’s Johnny Rodgers, Rich Glover and Willie Harper and Oklahoma’s Greg Pruitt, Joe Washington, Rod Shoate and brothers Lee Roy, Lucious and Dewey Selmon leading the way, the programs dominated with stars m...

Dit is nie jou verbeelding nie. Weather and climate disasters have been getting more frequent since the ’70s

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An extreme weather event or climate disaster has occurred every day, gemiddeld, somewhere in the world over the last 50 jare, marking a five-fold increase over that period, a new UN analysis shows. Each extreme we...

J.R. Richard, power pitcher for Astros in ’70s, sterf by 71

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The team announced his death on Thursday but did not provide any further details. "Today is a sad day for the Houston Astros as we mourn the loss of one of our franchise icons, J.R. Richard," the Astros said in a sta...

What the rise of this ’70s cult says about American culture

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Ben Zeller is an associate professor of religion at Lake Forest College and the author of "Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion." The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the writer. CNN is showcas...