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70-year-old woman fulfills her dream of being a bat girl for the Yankees, decades after she was told she’d ‘feel out of place in a dugout

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When 10-year-old Gwen Goldman wrote a letter to the New York Yankees in 1961 about her dream to be a bat girl, general manager Roy Hamey told her a young lady such as herself would "feel out of place in a dugout." ...

A 70-year-old employee known as ‘Taco Bell Joe’ recibió un $6,000 tip from his community

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Quieres más inspirador, noticias positivas? Regístrese para The Good Stuff, un boletín para el bien de la vida. Iluminará tu bandeja de entrada todos los sábados por la mañana.. A Taco Bell employee so loved by his community that he's know...

This 70-year-old left retirement to teach nursing students. She died from Covid-19 three months later

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Iris Meda loved her craft so much, she left retirement to teach nursing students at a Texas community college in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The 70-year-old nurse retired in January, but applied for a te...