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Cougar bait: TikTok male model with thirst traps to ’80s songs a hit for middle-aged moms

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Gen Z male model William White, a hockey bro out of Canada born in 2000, has the answer: be a religious experience. CHINA EASES BIRTH LIMITS, ALLOWS COUPLES TO HAVE 3 CHILDREN With his effervescent eyes and come-...

Tawny Kitaen, ’80s music video vixen, dood by 59

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The Orange County coroner’s office said she died at her home in Newport Beach on Friday. The cause of death was not immediately released. Her daughters, Wynter and Raine, confirmed their mother's death on Kitaen's In...

Nick Kamen, Madonna protégé and ‘80s Levi’s model, dood by 59

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According to BBC, citing a family friend, Kamen died on Tuesday night after battling an illness. "Each Time You Break My Heart" is vrygelaat in 1986 ahead of his debut studio album the next year. The song was co-wri...

‘Dallas’ star Charlene Tilton says her castmates ‘protected’ her from being a drug ‘casualty’ of the ‘80s

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The actress was just 17 when she began filming the hit TV series from 1978 tot 1990. The now-62-year-old recalled how she was offered drugs by staffers at notorious New York City nightclub Studio 54. "I remember on...

Hip-hop sanger John 'Ecstasy’ Fletcher van die hip-hop-groep Whodini uit die 80's dood by 56

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John "Ekstase" Fletcher, stigter van die hip-hop-groep Whodini uit die 1980's, is Woensdag oorlede 56, volgens 'n verklaring wat sy familie bekend gemaak het. In die verklaring wat sy dood bevestig, dogter Jonnelle Fletcher gebel hi ...

K.T. Oslin, ’80’s Dames’ sanger, dood by 78

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K.T. Oslin, 'n countrymusiek sangeres en liedjieskrywer wat bekendheid verwerf het met haar volkslied "80se dames," is oorlede, volgens 'n verklaring van die Country Music Association. Sy was 78. "K.T. Oslin het een van die mooiste ...