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Trump pays tribute to 9/11 during visit to New York police precinct, hints at 2024 hardloop

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The former president, a New York native, spoke briefly about the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center and Afghanistan and took questions from the police officers. He called the 20th anniversary of 9/11 a ...

NASA satellite image shows impact of 9/11 aanvalle

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In a satellite image provided by the agency, billowing smoke over the Manhattan area can be seen from space after two of the hijacked planes crashed into the towers of New York City's World Trade Center. ICONIC 9/11 ...

FBI releases newly declassified 9/11 dokument 20 years after attacks

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The document was released exactly 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and days after President Biden requested a declassification review from the FBI and other government agencies related to the tragedy. The d...

Lawyers in case against 9/11 plotters in discussions to reach possible plea agreement, avoid death penalty trial

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Lawyers in the case against five Guantanamo detainees accused of plotting the September 11, 2001, terror attacks are in discussions with prosecutors to reach a possible plea agreement and avoid a death penalty trial...

Former NYPD detective, a 9/11 antwoorder, verloor 100 pounds after cancer, heart failure diagnosis

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That's after he beat a rare tissue cancer and a devastating heart failure diagnosis. A New York City Police Department detective for 23 years and a father of three, Thomas told Fox News Digital exclusively that he th...

CIA operatives who led charge in Afghanistan after 9/11 feel betrayed by Biden’s botched withdrawal

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The author telling Team Alpha operatives' story in his new book, "First Casualty: The Untold Story of the CIA Mission to Avenge 9/11," Toby Harnden, told Fox News that former CIA officers are carrying a burden of sad...

Mnuchin sê hy was persoonlik betrokke by die beveiliging van byna $4 miljoen vir 9/11 eerste-reaksie-gesondheidsprogram

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Steve Mnuchin, minister van finansies in Washington, het Donderdag gesê hy was "persoonlik verloof" in die skuif om amper terug te betaal $ 4 miljoen wat voorheen weerhou is van die gesondheidsorgprogram wat September bygestaan ​​het 11 eerste reageer ...

Missouri conservative group confronts student senator as he takes down and throws away flags from 9/11 vertoon

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In a video posted by Young Americans for Freedom, a student can be seen gathering small American flags into bags and attempting to carry them away. N somtotaal van 2,977 flags were placed on the lawn representing each mur...

Police are investigating after flags at a 9/11 memorial were knocked over or broken

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Police are investigating after some American flags placed at a 9/11 memorial in Boston were knocked over or damaged overnight. The Boston Police Department (BPD) told CNN they were called to the Public Garden on Thu...

Military family describe 9/11 race to rescue daughters from Pentagon day care – and the effects of that day

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"I don't know if my husband called me or I called him, but we got on the phone," the Air Force officer told Fox News. "The only thing I said was, ‘The Pentagon's been hit.’" "Hy het gesê, ‘I'm on my way,’ which told me h...

As if my family could ever forget 9/11

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Kimberly Rex is a freelance writer based in Staten Island, New York. Haar pa, Vincent Litto, was a vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, WIRED, and SELF among others. Fo ...

9/11 brandweerman bring hulde aan gevalle Baltimore-kollegas

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Brandbestryders Lt. Paul Butrim, Kelsey Sadler en Kenneth Lacayo bedien 'n gekombineerde 38 jare. Frank Papalia, 'n afgetrede FDNY-luitenant en vise-president van brand- en lewensveiligheidsopleiding by Global Security Group, Inc.,....

Afghanistan war veteran gets emotional recalling 9/11: ‘America is damn lucky’ for heroic service members

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Doody got emotional while recalling the events of the last two weeks in Afghanistan saying it’s been "tumultuous," but it’s an honor to represent the veteran combat community. As a 16-year-old junior in high school d...

9/11 was 'so 'n hartseer, emosionele tyd,’ Die afrigter van Giants, Jason Garrett, onthou

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Die offensiewe koördineerder van New York Giants, Jason Garrett, herinner aan die emosionele tyd in die omgewing van New York en New Jersey na die aanvalle. Garrett was 'n rugsteun vir Giants wat die agterspeler Kerry Collins begin het..

Weermag veteraan, Senate candidate Jake Bequette says after 9/11, he ‘felt the call to wear the uniform

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Bequette, 32, a Republican who in July announced his campaign to unseat Sen. John Boozman, reflected on that day 20 jare terug. "I was in my seventh-grade English class. We had a substitute teacher, and she walked in...

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