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‘Biden boom’ is ‘a real thing’ insists New York TimesPaul Krugman in new op-ed

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Krugman’s latest op-ed focused on the backlash he had faced after insisting that the U.S. is not in a recession, despite reports showing two consecutive quarters of negative growth. He continued to deny recession cla...

NY Mag column declares ‘death’ of ‘Democrats’ domestic ambitions:’ A ‘catastrophe’ with ‘a thousand fathers’

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While Chait acknowledged that "it would be unfair to measure the Democrats against the full-bloom version of their most ambitious measure" 因为 "razor-tight margins of control in both chambers of Congress always m...

Victims of Netflix doc’s alleged ‘Tinder Swindler’ have united for this reason: ‘A big fyou to him

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Cecilie Fjellhøy from Norway, Pernilla Sjöholm from Sweden and Ayleen Charlotte of Amsterdam have teamed up with Chagit Leviev, CEO of Leviev Diamonds, to launch a bracelet called "Stronger Together." 那一块, 从...

Supreme Court now ‘a threat to the planet’: Dems and media melt down over high court’s EPA decision

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The Court dealt the progressives and the climate change agenda a blow with its highly anticipated decision in the West Virginia v. EPA case. 的 6-3 decision ruled "that the Environmental Protection Agency cannot pas...

德克萨斯州移民死亡是警察国家的结果,’特朗普的‘留在墨西哥’政策,’ MSNBC 嘉宾说

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上 "据报道,西弗吉尼亚州民主党参议员乔曼钦愿意与...," 里德报告了周一晚上在德克萨斯州发现的一辆废弃拖拉机拖车造成的死亡人数不断增加. 尽管当局将死亡与持续的人口贩运问题联系起来, 回覆...

MSNBC, 有线电视新闻网, 美国广播公司, CBS gush over January 6 committee hearing, tout TV ratings: ‘A big deal’

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"早安美国" co-host Michael Strahan began the ABC show’s June 10 installment by heralding the hearing's "powerful testimony" and promising never-before seen footage and information on former President Trum...

南卡罗来纳州森. Tim Scott says GOP push to win back House and Senate majorities ‘a team sport

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And Scott, a rising star in the GOP, says that "without a primary, it does afford me the opportunity to help my colleagues around the country." Republicans aim to win back majorities in the House of Representatives a...

MSNBC, 有线电视新闻网, 美国广播公司, 在苏斯曼判决后,还有更多泛“愚蠢”的达勒姆调查: '失败'

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星期二, 苏斯曼, 前希拉里克林顿律师, 被判无罪特别检察官约翰达勒姆提出的指控, 谁相信苏斯曼向联邦调查局做了虚假陈述. 据称虚假陈述...

“出租车”明星 Marilu Henner 拒绝“油脂”电影, 与约翰特拉沃尔塔成为朋友: “一种特殊的才能”

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这部音乐剧最初是在一个改建的手推车谷仓中作为社区剧院制作的. 不仅开启了几位明星的事业, 但这也导致了 1978 约翰·特拉沃尔塔和奥利维亚·牛顿-乔主演的电影。.

Democrat strategist tells MSNBC that candidates should run on Biden economic record: ‘A lot to be proud of’

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上 "Meet The Press Daily," host Chuck Todd asked his panelists about their key takeaways from the previous evening’s primary elections in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Elrod declared any Democrat behind the Biden ...

Jeffrey Epstein ‘told people’ that Prince Andrew was ‘a useful idiot,’书声称

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Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown has written a new book that’s coming out on April 26 标题 "The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – the Truth and the Turmoil." It explores the "丑闻, love affairs, ...

妻子 Annie D'Angelo-Nelson 告诉奥斯汀美国政治家

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妻子 Annie D'Angelo-Nelson 告诉奥斯汀美国政治家 "妻子 Annie D'Angelo-Nelson 告诉奥斯汀美国政治家," 妻子 Annie D'Angelo-Nelson 告诉奥斯汀美国政治家, 妻子 Annie D'Angelo-Nelson 告诉奥斯汀美国政治家.

Seattle is in ‘a criminal and humanitarian emergency,’ baker says as rampant crime forces businesses to close

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Olga Sagan said she shuttered one of her three Piroshky Piroshky locations in February after a surge in shootings and drug use outside her Pike Place store created a dangerous environment for her employees. The Russi...

Francis Ford Coppola thought ‘Godfather’ was going to be ‘a special failure,’ receives Walk of Fame star

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的 "movie brats" troupe member — which includes the likes of "星球大战" collaborators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Brian De Palma, Martin Scorsese and John Milius, respectively — received a star on the Hollyw...

福西: Pandemic still has ‘a way to go’, must be ‘preparedto return to COVID-19 restrictions if cases surge

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The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to President Biden commented on a possible future surge in the United States due to Omicron variant, BA.2, that is causi...

Tomi Lahren rips Biden admin’s electric car push: ‘A slap in the face to the American people’

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BLINKEN SAYS US WEIGHING RUSSIAN OIL BAN ‘IN COORDINATION’ WITH ALLIES TOMI LAHREN: [Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris] think that this repeated talking point of green jobs and green energy is going to do the trick, b ...

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