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Michigan deputies rescue abandoned 4-month-old left in woods

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The infant boy was face-down "in a hypothermic state" – but still breathing – when deputies found him in Oakland County. Rescuers brought him to a hospital. Two local residents had called 911 to report fraught intera...

Homan rips Biden border policies after video surfaces of young boy abandoned in Texas desert

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Homan made the comment as video captured by a Border Patrol officer is circulating on social media showing a young boy with tears streaming down his face, who had apparently been abandoned alone in the desert in Texa...

Otherwise normal house for sale hides nightmarish surprise: An entire abandoned jail

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A house for sale in Vermont has everything a new homeowner could want: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice backyard and ... prison cells. The 2,190-square-foot home, located in Guildhall, Vermont, used to be the Es...

Woman at center of Veterans Affair sexual assault report: VA ‘abandoned their responsibility to protect those who they serve

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A congressional staffer who alleged she had been sexually assaulted at a government-run veterans hospital said Wednesday that the department was actively turning a blind eye to issues of sexual assault. "VA is fully...

A 2-year-old was abandoned at a Goodwill with a note and a bag of clothes

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One suspect is in custody after a 2-year-old boy was dropped off at a Southaven, Mississippi, Goodwill store with nothing but a bag of clothes and a note, owerhede gesê. A bystander called the police on Monday mo...

A football game was abandoned in China because players broke rules forbidding dyed hair

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A university football match in China was abandoned after players with dyed hair ran afoul of organizers' strict rules on appearance, according to state-run tabloid Global Times. The women's teams of Fuzhou Universit...

Vroue op Qatar-vlug het 'onvanpas’ behandeling na 'n verlate baba wat op die Doha-lughawe gevind is

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'N Groep vroue op 'n onlangse vlug van Qatar Airways ontvang "erg onvanpas" behandeling nadat 'n verlate baba op die Hamad Internasionale Lughawe ontdek is, volgens die Australiese regering. CNN-filiaal ...

Duisende verlate babakuikens sterf op die lughawe in Madrid

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Oor 23,000 babakuikens is dood nadat hulle op transito op die Madrid Barajas-lughawe in Spanje verlaat is. Die voëls, wat maar 'n paar dae oud was, was drie dae buite in kartondose gelos sonder kos o ...