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Mayra Flores says she’s focused on issues, not attacks from media as Democratic Party ‘abandoned’ ispanici

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"The Democratic Party has abandoned our values. We’re pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, all about hard work. It’s on our DNA, we are conservative, and those values do align with the Republican Party," Flores told Fox Ne...

'La vista’ l'ospite suggerisce che i sauditi correrebbero in Iran se si sentissero abbandonati dagli Stati Uniti

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Di giovedì, l'ex presidente Trump è stato preso di mira dopo averlo detto a un giornalista "nessuno è arrivato fino in fondo 9/11" durante uno scambio in un torneo di golf LIV sostenuto dall'Arabia Saudita nel suo club a Bedminster, N.J. Il t ...

Houston children abandoned outside Walgreens: rapporto

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The woman and the driver of another vehicle sped off when they spotted a police officer parking his patrol vehicle near the site of a crash scene, the Houston Chronicle reported. They nearly struck the two children ...

Texas Gov. Abbott on ‘mounting’ border crisis: Biden has ‘abandoned’ all border states

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TEXAS MIGRANT DEATHS: RADIO CHATTER SHOWS OFFICER CALLING FOR HELP WITH ‘TOO MANY BODIES’ GOV. GREG ABBOTT: [It] has never been worse. And it's never been worse because the numbers are higher than they've ever been, ...

Casey White scappa: I marescialli statunitensi indagano su un sospetto collegamento con un veicolo abbandonato a Evansville, Indiana

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Un portavoce degli Stati Uniti. Il Marshal Service ha confermato lunedì a Fox News Digital che gli agenti ritengono di aver trovato un secondo veicolo utilizzato dalla coppia e poi abbandonato nei giorni successivi alla loro fuga dal ...

Pence: Biden’s ‘deeply disturbingdisinfo board must be ‘abandoned,’ welcomes Musk to Twitter

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The Biden administration's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced that it created a "Disinformation Governance Board," sparking free speech concerns by both Democrats and Republicans. During an excl...

FDA officials have ‘abandoned their food obligationsto the US: Radio show host Vince Coglianese

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"They're so obsessed with drugs, they've abandoned their food obligations to the United States," ha detto all'ospite Tucker Carlson. "And the nation's food supply becomes imperiled by those actions. Così, whatever is happenin...

California coroner identifies ‘mummified bodyfound in abandoned convention center as missing homeless man

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The Alameda County coroner identified the remains by matching a serial number on a tubular plate in Mejica's leg to records at Highland Hospital, where he had surgery nearly two decades ago.

Minnie Driver says Chris Rock ‘was abandoned by producers and The Academy’ after Will Smith slapped him

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"Got a letter from @TheAcademy today addressing members about the events on Sunday and how they are proceeding," the actress tweeted. "No explanation of why no one stepped in to assist Chris Rock in the aftermath; wh ...

Deathtraps for firefighters: US cities aim to fix widespread abandoned building problem

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3 BALTIMORE FIREFIGHTERS DIE, FOURTH MEMBER CRITICALLY INJURED IN BLAZE; 'OUR WORST NIGHTMARE,' GOVERNOR SAYS "It's an issue, it’s been an issue. We can’t just roll up on a building and say, ‘There’s nobody in there,...

Makeshift animal shelter near Ukraine-Poland border struggles to get supplies for abandoned pets

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A shelter at the Ukraine-Poland border has been created to care for these animals, WTOP news reports. The workers, who are volunteers, are caring for cats, dogs and many other animals who have been rescued from Ukrai...

Latvian woman to drive abandoned pets out of Lviv, Ucraina, to escape the Russian-Ukraine war

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As more and more families decide to flee the country, many are being forced to make the heartbreaking decision to leave their pets behind. Traveling is incredibly dangerous right now, and for some, trying to make the...

Texas ranchers feel abandoned as Biden gets set for State of the Union: ‘We need relief

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President Biden is scheduled to deliver the annual State of the Union address March 1, and critics question whether he will address the crisis at the border as critics say his administration has yet to take meaningfu...

Virtue Oboro ha vissuto il peggior incubo di ogni madre

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Virtue Oboro ha vissuto il peggior incubo di ogni madre, Virtue Oboro ha vissuto il peggior incubo di ogni madre. Virtue Oboro ha vissuto il peggior incubo di ogni madre. "T ...

New Hampshire homeowner finds bear den, abandoned cubs while clearing brush off property

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A homeowner in New Hampshire discovered a bear den on their property while cleaning some brush. Sfortunatamente, this caused the mother bear to run away, leaving several cubs behind. The New Hampshire Fish and Game D...

Some Afghan refugee nonprofits call on Biden administration to help resettle abandoned allies

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Life seems brighter for Afghan refugee Kaihan and his family in Jacksonville, Florida. The nonprofit Save our Allies helped connect Kaihan with a sponsor to cover his living expenses for a year. "I am lucky I am sti...