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Biden’s Afghanistan decisions caused aircraft to depart with empty seats while abandoning over 100,000 afgano

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Nel frattempo, American officials stopped many prescreened Afghans with credible documents, including some U.S. residenti, from boarding aircraft, while others that hadn’t been vetted were allowed through, international ...

Hannity calls on Biden to resign for abandoning US citizens in Afghanistan

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"Apparently Joe Biden was telling all of us an outright lie," Hannity told viewers after the last U.S. plane departed Kabul. "This transcends politics, questo è [per] un democratico, Repubblicano, conservatore, or liberal. ...

China criticizes US for abandoning Afghanistan, warns against ‘shirking its responsibility

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In a meeting Wednesday, Wang said that the U.S. needs to do more to prevent the Taliban from gaining in strength and to provide greater security assistance to the Afghan government. "As the initiator of the Afghan i...

Trey Gowdy critica i media per aver abbandonato il suo ruolo di arbitro neutrale

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Riflettendo su una recente partita di baseball della NCAA, Gowdy ha ricordato una sensazione di frustrazione quando un arbitro ha fatto una chiamata con cui non era d'accordo, che ha suscitato una reazione sorprendente da parte dell'ex deputato. "Aspettiamo lo stri...

Pelosi says she would be open to abandoning 9/11-style commission for Capitol riot if efforts remain stalled

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Washington House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said for the first time that she would be open to establishing a select committee to probe the January 6 riot at the US Capitol if attempts to create an independent 9/11-style co...

Accused of abandoning two babies in the US, this Chinese celebrity has sparked a national debate about surrogacy

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All'inizio, it seemed like a classic celebrity romance. Zheng Shuang, 29, was one of China's most popular actresses after shooting to fame a decade ago. Zhang Heng, 30, was a talented producer for a variety show. Nel 2...

Jon Stewart says Congress is abandoning veterans who inhaled toxic burn pit fumes

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Jon Stewart, the former host of "Lo spettacolo quotidiano," is back in Washington, DC, pushing a bill to help sick veterans. Stewart joined Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Rappresentante Democratico. Raul Ruiz of Californ...