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Many Latinos think that having a darker skin color hurts their ability to get ahead, Pew survey finds

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More than half of Latinos think their skin color hurts their chances at social mobility and makes them a target of discrimination, a new study from the Pew Research Center shows. El informe, published Thursday, es ...

Trump’s lawyers defend his ability to assert executive privilege ahead of key court hearing

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Donald Trump's lawyers are defending his ability to assert executive privilege, even as an ex-President, in a reply brief in his lawsuit against the National Archives and the House select committee over January 6-re...

Las crías de foca comparten una rara habilidad vocal con los humanos, hallazgos del estudio

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Además de ser una parte adorable e importante de los ecosistemas marinos, las crías de foca pueden tener una habilidad inusual. Pueden cambiar el tono de sus voces para ser mejor entendidos., como hacen los humanos, un nuevo estudio encontró. A pe ...

Supreme Court rejects long-shot bid from DC voters seeking ability to elect representatives to Congress

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The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a long shot bid from registered voters in the District of Columbia who sought the ability to elect representatives to Congress. The group of voters said their inability to vote ...

Dan Crenshaw: ‘We have no ability to keep Americans safe’ anymore

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PENTAGON: 'POSSIBLE' US WILL WORK WITH TALIBAN AGAINST ISIS-K DAN CRENSHAW: Look at every big mission that we've had that the public knows about for the last decade or so. Osama bin Laden, Soleimani, Baghdadi. Everyb...

Obama-era Afghanistan ambassador has ‘grave questionsabout Biden’s ‘ability to lead’ nosotros

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In an interview over the weekend, former Afghanistan Ambassador Ryan Crocker questioned the president’s leadership capabilities amid the Taliban's swift takeover of the country. Crocker, who has served as a diploma...

Su. Cotton has ‘real doubtsabout US Navy’s ability to defeat China in battle

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Su. Tom Algodón: I believe the surface Navy, our destroyers, and other surface combatant ships need a cultural change. I think some of this goes back 30 years to the fall of the Soviet Union and the loss of a pacing ...

Tucker Carlson: Only Texas has the ability to stop Biden’s disaster at the southern border

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"There have been some drop-offs in Nashville, some in Knoxville, some in Chattanooga, a couple in Atlanta," el conductor dijo. "That’s just as far as I go, then the children continue on further." Another source famil...

Tucker Carlson: Pilot ability no longer matters to United Airlines, but skin color does

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Asi que, what is equity? Joe Biden never tells us, never even hints. His order proclaims that America will be getting "an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda." So whatever it is, equity is ambitious, and it will b...