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US intelligence officials warn China is ‘working hardto be able to take over Taiwan militarily

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Washington The US intelligence community believes that China is actively attempting to build a military capable of taking over Taiwan -- even in the face of US support for the island, top US intelligence officials to...

La Casa Bianca avverte i manifestanti: I giudici "devono essere in grado".’ fare lavori senza 'preoccupazione’ per la "sicurezza personale".’

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Il segretario stampa della Casa Bianca Jen Psaki lunedì ha detto il presidente Biden "crede fermamente nel diritto costituzionale alla protesta." IL PRESIDENTE BIDEN "CONDANNA FORTEMENTE" L'ATTACCO DEL COCKTAIL MOLOTOV AL WISCONSIN ANTI-ABORTO ...

You will soon be able to use Bitcoin to buy Gucci

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Luxury brand Gucci has announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments at select locations. For the pilot project, customers will be able to pay with cryptocurrency at locations in New York, Gli angeli, Miam...

Joy Reid screeches DeSantis’ ‘private police force’ will ‘intimidate’ Black people ‘out of being able to vote’

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DeSantis signed a bill Monday to create a police force to crack down on voter fraud and strengthen election integrity. Reid’s Monday night segment featured her latest spiel against the GOP, which she claimed is embra...

Oscars host Amy Schumer requested Zelenskyy be able to ‘satellite in or make a tape’ for award show

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"I think there is definitely pressure in one way to be like, ‘This is a vacation. Let people forget. We just want to have this night,’ but it is like, ‘Well we have so many eyes and ears on this show,'" Schumer told ...

Levin: With Biden’s help, Iran will be able to reach ‘any corner of the earthwith nuclear capabilities

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The Biden administration has made it a top priority to re-enter negotiations with Tehran first established under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and intends to move forward with the deal, despite...

[object Window]: per lo più solo brave persone laboriose che amano le auto veloci. per lo più solo brave persone laboriose che amano le auto veloci’

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per lo più solo brave persone laboriose che amano le auto veloci 150,000 per lo più solo brave persone laboriose che amano le auto veloci. per lo più solo brave persone laboriose che amano le auto veloci, per lo più solo brave persone laboriose che amano le auto veloci.

Goldie Hawn warns COVID trauma is hurting our kids: ‘Children aren’t able to manage what’s going on

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"We can start looking at what we’re putting into schools. We can start looking at how we’re putting preventative social and emotional programs into schools," Hawn told co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Will Cain, and Carley S...

Suo. Marco Rubio: NBC shouldn’t be able to profit off Olympics in Beijing

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SISTER OF IMPRISONED UYGHUR SAYS BEIJING OLYMPICS ‘STAINED WITH THE SLAVE LABOR OF MY PEOPLE’ SEN. MARCO RUBIO: "I think it will be interesting to see what they talk about during their two weeks there. Guarda, we’re no...

Ukraine should be able to count on help from the UN against Russian aggression but it’s not happening

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President Joe Biden was hoping the Security Council would take "a critical step in rallying the world" against Russia’s threat to Ukraine. Team Biden wanted Russia to explain why they have 130,000 troops around Ukrai...

Former ‘Jeopardy!’ winner sheds 200 libbre: ‘I was able to stick with it

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Joshua Swiger, 43, from Hawaii, apparso su "Pericolo!" a gennaio 2020 e ha vinto $ 16,400 after his first appearance. He told Fox News Digital that he was basically "morbidly obese" per 20 years before he finally de...

McEnany: Biden non potrà nascondersi "nel seminterrato"’ più se corre dentro 2024

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Su ABC "Notizie dal mondo stasera" mercoledì, Biden ha detto che si sarebbe candidato alla rielezione se fosse stato in buona salute. "Sono un grande rispettoso del destino. Il destino è intervenuto nella mia vita molti, molte volte. Se sono in salute sono in n...

NBC anchors hit Nancy Pelosi for comments about how lawmakers should be able to trade individual stocks

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Di mercoledì, a reporter asked Pelosi whether lawmakers and their spouses should be banned form trading individual stocks while in office after a report detailed several conflicting stock deals with several members o...

Texas AG on migrant caravan nearing border: ‘We aren’t able to keep track of them

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PIÙ DI 150 MIGRANTS FROM SEVERAL COUNTRIES BYPASS INPLETE BORDER WALL, CROSS ILLEGALLY INTO U.S. TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL KEN PAXTON: This is going to affect the entire nation because these people are moved around s...

La star dei Nets Kyrie Irving potrà allenarsi con la sua squadra, ma non potrà giocare le partite casalinghe a causa dello stato di vaccinazione

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La star dei Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving potrà allenarsi nella struttura della squadra a New York City, ma non sarà ancora in grado di giocare nelle partite casalinghe dei Nets al Barclays Center a causa del mandato di vaccinazione della città, e tu ...

Sophie, Countess of Wessex speaks out on the ‘tragic’ impact of menopause: ‘We have to be able change that’

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[object Window], who is married to Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son Prince Edward, joined a roundtable discussion to support the "Menopause Workplace Pledge" campaign with Wellbeing of Women, People magazine repor...