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Wreaths Across America told it will not be able to place wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery this year

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The usual display of wreaths will be noticeably absent from Arlington National Cemetery this December. The cemetery notified Wreaths Across America that its annual tradition of placing wreaths on veterans' graves wi...

After an antenna repair on Earth, NASA is now able to command Voyager 2 再び

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Election Day may have us tied up in anxious knots today. But we can also take solace in the fact that nearly 12 billion miles away, one of humanity's greatest achievements is twinkling back at us, and our understand...

He travels the United States helping others, but now he may not be able to stay

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He's traveled the United States nine times helping others take care of a simple need, but now his ability to stay in the country is in jeopardy. Rodney Smith Jr., lives in Huntsville, アラバマ, and is known for his ...

One Arizona county has so many vaccine doses, it’s now able to offer them to anyone over 18

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Concerned that there weren't enough people signing up to get vaccinated against Covid-19, officials in one small Arizona county changed the vaccine eligibility requirement to encourage more people to make appointmen...

There’s a 1-in-3 chance Lake Powell won’t be able to generate hydropower in 2023 due to drought conditions, 新しい研究によると

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The falling water levels at Lake Powell, the second-largest man-made reservoir in the US, could make the dam's hydroelectric power generation impossible as soon as next year, according to new projections released We...

Wounded veteran stands for national anthem at NHL game: ‘If I’m able, I will stand’

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Edwards, a 20-year vet who was shot and wounded while deployed in Afghanistan, attended the Tampa Bay-Montreal playoff game and stood proudly while using a cane for support. The veteran made a special Independence Da...

ネッツのスター、カイリー・アービングがチームで練習できるようになります, 予防接種の状況により、ホームゲームをプレイすることはできません

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ブルックリンネッツのスター、カイリーアービングは、ニューヨーク市のチームの施設で練習することが許可されます, しかし、市のワクチン義務のため、バークレイズセンターでのネッツのホームゲームでプレーすることはできません。, あなたも ...


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マクラフリンは最後のハードルの後でムハンマドを駆け下りるために後ろからやって来ました. 彼女はでクロックインしました 51.46 –世界記録を更新. ムハンマドは 51.58, これも元の世界記録を破りましたが、終了しました ...

Millennials have almost no chance of being able to afford a house. This is what can be done

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Annika Olson is the assistant director of policy research at the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis at The University of Texas at Austin and a Public Voices Fellow of The OpEd Project. The views expres...

Capitol Hill security forces will be able to report problems anonymously to House committee

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Members of Capitol Hill security will be able to file whistleblower complaints about potential wrongdoing directly to a congressional committee, 担当者. Rodney Davis announced on Monday. The Illinois Republican serves ...

Texans will be able to carry handguns in public without a license on Sept. 1 under ‘constitutional carry’ 法

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現在の法律の下で, residents must go through training, submit fingerprints, show handgun proficiency and pay a $ 40 application fee in order to obtain a license to carry a handgun. 今, anyone who is older than 21 a.。.

マケニー: バイデンは地下室に隠れることができなくなります’ 彼が走ったらもう 2024

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ABCについて "今夜のワールドニュース" 水曜日, バイデンは、健康であれば再選に出馬すると述べた. "私は運命を大いに尊重しています. 運命は私の人生に多くの介入をしました, 何度も. 私が健康状態にある場合、私はnにいます。.

シモーネ・バイルズは「秘密」を使用できることに感謝しています’ 休憩中にスキルを磨くためのジャパンジム

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Caitlyn Jenner tells ‘HannityBruce would not have been able to run for governor: ‘I had too many secrets

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In her first televised interview since announcing her candidacy for California governor, Jenner detailed her years-long battle with gender dysphoria and revealed why she decided the time is right to throw her hat in ...

Former Afghan interpreter: ‘I served one-third of my life, now I’m not even able to save my own family

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独占インタビューで, 彼はフォックスニュースに語った: "As we are talking, they are searching houses and looking for the documents of the people who work for the U.S. 政府, they're trying to take their family members." T ...

Law enforcement official told detainee who died that ‘you shouldn’t be able to breathe,’ 訴訟は言う

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A federal lawsuit has been filed in Tennessee by the daughter of a man who died while in jail custody in May 2020, 苦情によると. In the complaint filed in October 2020 and amended in February 2021, 行う...

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