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Military helicopter believed to have 3 aboard crashes in New York

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A military helicopter believed to have three people on board crashed Wednesday evening in upstate New York, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office tweeted. There was no further information from the sheriff's ...

Coast Guard suspends search for Florida-bound boat with about 20 mense aan boord

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The search off the Florida coast for a missing boat with about 20 people on board has been suspended, the US Coast Guard said Friday. The Coast Guard received a report Tuesday that the blue and white 29-foot Mako Cu...

Astronauts harvest radishes grown aboard the International Space Station

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Astronauts are harvesting fresh radishes grown in space, a delicious prospect that also could help seed food production efforts for longer-term missions to the moon and Mars. Maandag, NASA flight engineer Kate Rub...

Here’s how Earth looked to astronauts aboard the SpaceX capsule

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The view from space is just out of this world. NASA astronaut Victor Glover, one of the four astronauts aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, posted a video on Twitter of the stunning view from Earth on his first-e...