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Abortion access in two ‘stalwartstates in the South a focus of post-Roe court fights

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Just how far people in the South will have to travel to access abortion care will be defined by legal challenges unfolding in Louisiana and Georgia. Almost every state in the Southeast bans the procedure or limits i...

'Die regering moet nie betrokke wees nie.’ John Legend praat uit oor aborsieregte

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Net meer as 'n maand nadat die Hooggeregshof Roe v. Wade, musikant John Legend pleit vir toegang tot aborsie en voortplantingsregte. In 'n onderhoud met David Axelrod vir CNN's "Die Axe-lêers" podcast,...

Demokrate mors geen tyd om die aborsiekwessie aan te gryp nie

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Nadat voorstanders van aborsieregte hierdie week beslissend geseëvier het oor 'n stembrief in Kansas, Demokrate plaas die kwessie reg in die middel van hul aanvalle teen pasgemaakte Republikeinse genomineerdes in 'n belangrike middeltermyn..

California’s Newsom shames movie producers, begs them to ‘choose freedomafter abortion ruling

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CALIFORNIA GOV. NEWSOM ASKS HOLLYWOOD TO STOP FILMING IN CONSERVATIVE GEORGIA, OKLAHOMA AFTER ABORTION RULING In an advertisement funded by his super PAC, Newsom begged Hollywood to "choose freedom," and said that "C ...

Democrats spend millions attacking Republican candidates on abortion ahead of midterms

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"Drie jaar gelede, I had an ectopic pregnancy. If I didn’t make it into the OR within a couple minutes, I was going to bleed out and die," says Brianna, a mother of three from Phoenix who survived a life-threatening e...

Kansas shows how abortion may change the midterm turnout dynamic

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Abortion rights activists won a huge victory in the red state of Kansas on Tuesday. Kansans voted overwhelmingly (59% aan 41%) to reject an amendment that said there was no constitutional right to an abortion in the ...

Biden om uitvoerende bevel te onderteken wat daarop gemik is om toegang tot aborsie te beskerm en leiding aan gesondheidsorgverskaffers te verskaf

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Washington-president Joe Biden sal Woensdag nog 'n uitvoerende bevel onderteken as deel van sy administrasie se pogings om toegang tot aborsie te verseker in die lig van die Hooggeregshof se besluit vroeër hierdie somer aan eli..

Thunderclap ballot box victory on abortion rights in Kansas gives Democrats a potent midterm issue

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The wording of the question was convoluted, but the answer was crystal clear: Geen. Voters in Kansas on Tuesday, in dramatic numbers and by an overwhelming margin, rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed law...

Near-total abortion ban in Indiana moves to full House debate after passing key committee

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Washington An Indiana bill that would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy with limited exceptions is headed for debate in the state's full House of Representatives this week after clearing a key committee in the ...

Biden se departement van justisie dagvaar Idaho oor die staat se aborsiebeperkings in die eerste regsgeding ná Dobbs

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Die Biden-administrasie het Dinsdag 'n regsgeding teen Idaho ingedien vir die beperking van toegang tot aborsie vir pasiënte wat lewensreddende mediese behandeling benodig, die eerste so 'n uitdaging van die departement van justisie sedert die Supreme C...

Idaho’s near-total abortion ban challenged by Justice Department

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Idaho's law is set to take effect Aug. 25 after the Supreme Court in June overturned Roe v. Wade, returning the issue of abortion to the states. The law bans all abortions except for cases of incest or rape that are...

Kansas set to become first state to let voters weigh in on abortion in post-Roe US

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Washington Kansas on Tuesday will become the first state in the nation to let voters weigh in on abortion since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The closely watched vote offers the first popular look at v...

Appeals court reinstates Kentucky law banning abortion

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Washington A Kentucky state court of appeals has reinstated the state's so-called "trigger law" banning abortion as well as a separate law banning the procedure after roughly six weeks of pregnancy, siding with Attor...

Near-total abortion ban in Indiana passes GOP-controlled Senate and heads to House

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Indiana's Republican-controlled Senate passed a bill Saturday which would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy with limited exceptions, despite opposition from abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates. State l...

Supreme Court probe into leak of draft opinion on abortion narrows list of suspects

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Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered the Court's marshal to conduct an internal investigation, but there has been no official update, and no indication whether the probe is ongoing, ended or suspended. But multiple...

Georgia abortion law: A look back at what Hollywood production companies have said about filming in the state

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The law passed in 2019, but a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional and blocked it. Nou, a federal appeals court has overturned the lower court's ruling, allowing the law to take effect on July 20. The decision fr...

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