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Joe Alwyn thinks there ‘are more interesting things to talk aboutthan his relationship with Taylor Swift

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Joe Alwyn is fully aware many people want to hear from him about his relationship with Taylor Swift, but he says he doesn't "know how best to talk about it." In an interview with The Guardian, the actor said that wh...

Disney' mintió sobre’ Ley de derechos de los padres de Florida: 'El ratón ha sido atrapado,’ dice leo terrell

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Disney "mintió sobre este proyecto de ley," [object Window]. "Este fue un proyecto de ley de derechos de los padres.. El ratón ha sido atrapado. Y, por lo tanto, la legislatura del estado de Florida tiene el derecho de otorgar esta legislación... para declarar un....

Fauci claims to have ‘absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned aboutin Congressional hearing

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DR. ANTHONY FAUCI: I have absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned about, of anything that I've done. So I never have been – and not now and will never be – afraid of hearings done in good faith in overs...

Kamala Harris slammed for focus on Equality Act amid Russian invasion: ‘This is what they care about

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"Let’s send the Equality Act to President Biden’s desk. We must increase protections for LGBTQ+ Americans across the country. The onslaught of state bills targeting transgender Americans and their families is wrong,"...

jim clyburn: Partisan votes are ‘not what this country is about

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Fox News host Trey Gowdy introduced the segment by remarking how recent judicial confirmation processes have become split with almost no Republican or Democrat voting across party lines. Clyburn agreed, noting that h...

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Chris Noth’s ‘Sex and the Cityco-star Bridget Moynahan says she doesn’t ‘know anything about’ alegatos

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The actress told Elle magazine she doesn't "know anything about" the misconduct allegations made against Noth by two women. "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on things I don’t have any knowledge of," she s...

New Yorkers react to de Blasio’s vaccine mandates on private sector: ‘Disasteror ‘about time’?

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De Blasio, who will be replaced by Mayor-elect Eric Adams on Jan. 1, announced sweeping mandates across New York City Monday in what he called a "preemptive strike" against a potential surge in COVID-19 infections am...

Jesse Watters highlights problems Biden ‘is not doing a damn thing about

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JESSE AGUAS: The new COVID-19 variant omicron now spreading throughout the United States. I'm not worried about the new variant. I'm worried about how the government is going to overreact to the new variant. Biden'...

La estrella de "General Hospital" Steve Burton confirma el despido por mandato de vacunas: Se trata "de la libertad personal’

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"Quería que lo escucharas de mí personalmente.," dijo en Instagram, antes de explicar su postura sobre el tema en su conjunto. "Desafortunadamente, El "Hospital General" me dejó ir debido al mandato de la vacuna.. Apliqué f ...

Buttigieg reacts to Rittenhouse not-guilty verdict: ‘There’s just a lot to be upset about’

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Buttigieg was asked by NBC News anchor Chuck Todd to weigh in on the case, which concluded Friday after a jury acquitted Rittenhouse in the fatal shooting of two men during a riot last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. KYL...

Reps. McCaul sounds alarm on China missile test: ‘This is what we’ve been worried about

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LA PRUEBA DE MISILES HIPERSÓNICOS CON CAPACIDAD NUCLEAR CHINA SORPRENDE LA INTELIGENCIA DE EE. UU.: REPORT MICHAEL MCCAUL: This is the most advanced, most dangerous weapon system that we cannot defend ourselves from. We knew they had these m...

Youngkin de Virginia: McAuliffe y los demócratas’ mandatos de vax-or-job "de qué se trata el liderazgo dictatorial’

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Youngkin, un recién llegado a la política que recientemente se retiró de The Carlyle Group, se enfrenta a McAuliffe, un viejo confidente de Bill y Hillary Clinton, en una de las dos carreras para gobernador de fuera de año este noviembre. los ...

NY Times changes Biden headline that claimed ‘not everyone wants to hear abouthis late son Beau

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The original headline: "Biden, Still Grieving His Son, Finds That Not Everyone Wants to Hear About It," prompted a backlash on Twitter from Biden supporters. "OMG what is wrong with the New York Times," one person w...

Megan Rapinoe considering retirement, will take time ‘to think about’ futuro: reporte

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Rapinoe, 36, made the comments during an interview on ESPN's Spain and Fitz show – when asked whether she planned to retire. "Just in terms of my whole career, I don't really know yet. I need to take some time to thi...

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