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Tomi Lahren on ‘Fox & Amigos primero ": Supreme Court leak ‘absolutely an intimidation and distraction tactic

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DEMOCRATS CONDEMN SUPREME COURT ABORTION DRAFT AS ‘ABOMINATION,’ URGE CONGRESS TO CODIFY ROE V WADE TOMI LAHREN: [Este es] Absolutely an intimidation tactic and also a distraction tactic here. I think that the only w...

Republicans blast Mayorkas for pushing ‘absolutely shamefulnarrative about ‘domestic terrorism

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During testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Mayorkas reaffirmed his assessment that "domestic violent extremism represents the greatest terrorism-related threat to the homeland." Reps. Greg Ste...

Why this former Trump official comes out looking absolutely terrible in the Mark Meadows texts

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Plenty of people -- members of Congress, former top White House aides -- come out looking bad in the more than 2,000 texts sent and received by Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows between Election Day 2020 and January...

Biden COVID response leader says continuing public transportation mask mandate ‘absolutely on the table

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The public transit mandate, which requires people to wear face masks while using modes of transportation including rail and air travel, was set to expire in March, only for the Biden administration to extend it throu...

Jason Momoa shuts down Kate Beckinsale dating rumors: ‘Absolutely not, not together

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At the Monday night premiere of "Ambulance," Momoa addressed the recent speculation about his dating life: that he is seeing Kate Beckinsale. The duo was spotted getting friendly at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Ma...

Border Patrol union chief torches Biden administration for doing ‘absolutely nothingto end crisis

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BRANDON JUDD: First thing I would do is, I would re-implement the Migrant Protection Protocols, but even if he chose not to do that, he could operate within his parameters. Stop the catch-and-release, hold people in ...

Special ops veteran helping Ukrainians says US aid not reaching front lines: ‘Absolutely ridiculous

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Velicovich, who has been on the ground in Ukraine for weeks providing aid, dicho en "El enfoque de Faulkner" Thursday that his team is working with the Ukrainian government to locate and extract more than 10,000 orphans t...

Jason Rantz slams liberals‘absolutely ridiculousattacks on Gov. DeSantis: They ‘call everybody a bigot

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FLORIDA PARENTAL RIGHTS BILL POPULAR DESPITE DEMOCRATIC ATTEMPTS TO LABEL IT ‘DON’T SAY GAY' JASON RANTZ: This is absolutely ridiculous. What we've seen over the course of the COVID lockdowns and remote learning is t...

Fauci claims to have ‘absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned aboutin Congressional hearing

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DR. ANTHONY FAUCI: I have absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned about, of anything that I've done. So I never have been – and not now and will never be – afraid of hearings done in good faith in overs...

El canal de televisión ucraniano dice que los piratas informáticos rusos emitieron una declaración falsa de Zelenskyy: El canal de televisión ucraniano dice que los piratas informáticos rusos emitieron una declaración falsa de Zelenskyy

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"El canal de televisión ucraniano dice que los piratas informáticos rusos emitieron una declaración falsa de Zelenskyy. El camarógrafo Pierre Zakrzewski y la periodista Oleksandra "Sasha" El canal de televisión ucraniano dice que los piratas informáticos rusos emitieron una declaración falsa de Zelenskyy. El camarógrafo Pierre Zakrzewski y la periodista Oleksandra.

nosotros, UK vow to defeat Russia in Ukraine, Blinken ‘absolutely convinced that Putin will fail

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"I'm absolutely convinced that Putin will fail, and Russia will suffer a strategic defeat no matter what short-term tactical gains they may make in Ukraine," Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters from a jo...

Gigi Hadid criticized for comparing Ukraine and Palestinian conflicts: ‘Absolutely appalled

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El modelo, whose father is Palestinian real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, announced earlier this week that she would be donating her Fashion Week earnings to Ukrainians. "I am pledging to donate my earnings from th...

CDC director rebukes DeSantis for scolding high school students over masks: ‘It is absolutely their choice

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Washington The director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday rebuked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for recently scolding a group of high school students who were wearing masks to protect again...

Sara Carter: ‘Absolutely incrediblethat Mayorkas put in charge of Ukraine conflict threats

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Carretero, who has extensively reported on the border and immigration, told Fox News Digital at CPAC that Mayorkas is the last person that should be shouldering such a responsibility. The Department of Homeland Security...

Lara Trump calls Trudeau’s Freedom Convoy crackdowns ‘absolutely unbelievable

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LARA TRUMP: It's rather shocking. OutKick anteriormente, this whole thing was peaceful. And I get it, they were blocking the road and people couldn't get on with the things they need[ed]. But this is the definition of a pea...

Trump says China ‘absolutelygoing after Taiwan after Russia-Ukraine ‘disaster

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Durante una aparición en "The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show" at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump said Chinese President Xi Jinping will take Russia’s actions against Ukraine as a signal to try and take back Taiwan. R ...

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