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McConnell says he’ll ‘absolutelysupport Trump in 2024 if he’s the GOP nominee

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday he would "assolutamente" support former President Donald Trump if he became the GOP presidential nominee in 2024, a notable commitment following his recent blisterin...

This editorial absolutely crushes a Republican senator for objecting to the Electoral College results

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Di sabato, Montana Sen. Steve Daines was one of 11 Republicans who announced their plans to object to the Electoral College results during Wednesday's bicameral session of Congress. Twenty four hours later, the la...

Il prezzo assolutamente sbalorditivo di 2020 elezione

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$ 14 miliardi. Questo è quanto verrà speso per le gare presidenziali e congressuali per il ballottaggio 2020, secondo i calcoli effettuati dal Center for Responsive Politics, un gruppo apartitico che monitora ...

The absolutely bonkers threat Donald Trump made this week

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At a rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania, martedì, President Donald Trump said something incredible -- even by his standards. Recounting how his campaign had to move the site of the rally to comply with Democratic G...

Fauci says he is ‘absolutely notsurprised Trump got Covid-19

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Dott. Anthony Fauci said he is "assolutamente no" surprised President Donald Trump contracted Covid-19 after seeing him surrounded by people not wearing face masks and flouting best public health practices. Fauci, il ...

This Republican senator’s response to the Woodward book is absolutely maddening (and predictable)

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Mercoledì pomeriggio, soon after CNN obtained an early copy of Bob Woodward's soon-to-be-released book that contained an admission by President Donald Trump that he purposely downplayed the severity of Covid-19 to...