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Cuban exile leader says 1619 Project founder’s praise for socialism is ‘abusive of Cubansand their history

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Hannah-Jones recently caught headlines for telling Vox that "Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people anyplace really in the hemisphere." 그녀는 덧붙였다: "That's largely due to socialism - which I'm su...

‘Bachelor Padalum Erica Rose recalls ‘abusivebikini challenge involving men hurling eggs at women

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The 38-year-old has appeared in numerous reality TV series, from the ABC dating competition series formerly hosted by Chris Harrison, to VH1's "You're Cut Off," "박사. 필," "Married to Medicine Houston" 과, most rec...

Basketball legend Cynthia Cooper-Dyke accused of abusive behavior by former players: 보고서

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보고서, 목요일 게시, revealed several accusations leveled by players at Texas Southern about inappropriate remarks made by Cooper-Dyke, including sexual references and shaming players’ physical appearances...

학대하는 남편을 살해 한 여성이 프랑스에서 살인 혐의로 재판을 받는다

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파리 학대하는 남편을 살해 한 한 여성의 살인 재판이 월요일 프랑스 부르고뉴에서 진행되었습니다. 그녀의 베스트셀러 책 Tout Le Monde Savait에서 (모두가 알고) 5 월 발행, 발레리 배콧, 4...

Seahawks’ Will Dissly with an abusive stiff arm

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We don’t usually see devastating stiff arms out of tight ends, 하지만 2018 Hawks fourth-rounder had violence on his mind this morning. The NFL may need to consider a mandatory stay under the sideline tent when you’r...

바티칸은 교황 요한 바오로 2 세가 학대적인 대주교 시어 도어 매 캐릭에 대해 경고를 받았다고 인정합니다., Francis를 지우는 동안

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로마 고인이 된 교황 요한 바오로 2 세는 당시 대주교 테오도어 매 캐릭에 의해 성적 부적절 혐의에 대해 경고를 받았습니다., 그러나 McCarrick의 자신의 부인에 따라 어쨌든 그를 워싱턴 대주교로 승진 시키기로 결정했습니다. ...

Britney Spears requests her court-orderered conservatorship be ended, calls it ‘abusive

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Britney Spears broke her silence in a court hearing on Wednesday regarding her court-ordered conservatorship that has been in place for nearly 13 연령. Spears requested to address Judge Brenda Penny to speak out ab...

Pope Benedict XVI knew of abusive priests when he ran Munich archdiocese, 수사관들은 말한다

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Berlin Pope Benedict XVI knew about priests who abused children but failed to act when he was archbishop of Munich from 1977 ...에 1981, an inquest found Thursday, rejecting Benedict's long-standing denials in a damning...

Boyfriend of missing woman in US Virgin Islands verbally abusive to former stepdaughter: ex-wife

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Corie Stevenson told Fox News Thursday that he’d lost his temper "dozens of times" with her daughter Grace, then a preteen, and that it got so bad she couldn’t leave them alone together when she went to class or work...

Air Force general fined over $50,000 after being found guilty of abusive sexual contact

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A two-star Air Force general will pay more than $ 50,000 in fines after being found guilty of abusive sexual contact in a military court over the weekend in connection with a 2018 사건, according to a release f...

Halle Berry says talking to ‘spiritual healerhelped her understand her ‘abusive’ 아버지

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The 55-year-old actress has been open in the past about her difficult relationship with her dad, referring to his alcoholism and troubling behavior a number of times. She followed suit in a recent interview with NPR'...

Saudi Arabia is planning a futuristic city of clean energy and flying taxis. Don’t build it with abusive labor practices

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Michael Eisner, (@Mikeyeis) General Counsel of Democracy for the Arab World Now, and Mustafa Qadri (@mustafa_qadri) is founder and Executive Director of Equidem, a specialist labor rights consultancy and charity. 그만큼...

Producer Megan Ellison accuses Scott Rudin of ‘abusive, racist and sexist behavior

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Annapurna Pictures founder Megan Ellison took to Twitter on Wednesday to boost the claims made against Rudin by former staffers, who claimed to The Hollywood Reporter that he physically and mentally abused people und...

자유 브리트니 스피어스 운동은 학대적인 후견인을 끝내기위한 새로운 법안으로 의회를 강타했습니다.

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담당자. 낸시 메이스, R-S.C., 그리고 찰리 크리스트, 디플라., 화요일에 후견인에게 후견인을 교체하고 독립을 할당하도록 판사에게 청원할 더 많은 기회를 주기 위해 무료법을 발표했습니다..

Bella Hadid opens up about her history of abusive relationshipsand how she broke the cycle

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Supermodel Bella Hadid says lacking boundaries "성적으로, physically, 감정적으로" led to her being abused in a number of unhealthy relationships. The 25-year-old star spoke candidly about her personal and professi...

NFL 심판, 톰 브래디 페널티 설명, 벅스 스타는 '욕설을 사용했습니다.’

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Brady는 Rams의 패스 러셔 Von Miller를 핥는 것처럼 보였고 머리를 맞은 것을 너무 친절하게 받아들이지 않았습니다.. Brady는 Miller의 안타가 페널티킥을 보장한다고 생각하는 것처럼 보였고 Shawn Hoch 주심에게 조롱하는 모습을 보였습니다...

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