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Akademiepryse 2021: In a year of streaming, the Oscars should go with the flow

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The Oscar nominations reflect the breadth of quality work produced and released in what was by any measure a difficult, terrible year for the movie industry. Viewers can now flock to the streaming services of their ...

Elon Musk donates $5 million to education group Khan Academy

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has donated $ 5 million to the online learning organization Khan Academy. In a YouTube video posted Monday, Khan Academy founder Salman Khan thanked Musk for the donation, which the Tesla CEO ma...

‘Polisie-akademie’ en die Broadway-ster Marion Ramsey sterf in 73

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Marion Ramsey, die aktrise wat veral bekend is vir haar rol as offisier Laverne Hooks in die filmfranchise "Polisie Akademie," is Donderdag in Los Angeles oorlede op die ouderdom van 73, volgens 'n verklaring aan CNN van bestuurder Roger P..

Naval Academy exams being reviewed for ‘inconsistencies

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Washington Hundreds of students at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis have received a grade of "incomplete" as the academy reviews "potential inconsistencies" in physics exams that were submitted earlier this month. T ...

Wayne Rooney’s son Kai signs for Manchester United’s academy

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Football talent clearly runs in the genes of the Rooney family. Wayne Rooney's son, Kai, has followed in his father's footsteps by signing for English Premier League club Manchester United. The 11-year-old was pictu...

The Naval Academy named its first Black female brigade commander

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A Black woman will lead the US Naval Academy's student body for the first time in its history. Midshipman 1st Class Sydney Barber, a mechanical engineering major from Lake Forest, Illinois, has been named brigade co...

A 26-year-old is first woman to win Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for innovation

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A 26-year-old from Ivory Coast has won the 2020 Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Charlette N'Guessan is the first woman to win the award, which could revolutionize cyber securi...