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Portland City Council accepts report describing tear gas used by officers as ‘chemical weapons

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According to the report from the Citizen Review Committee's Crowd Control and Use of Force work group, it is recommended that the Portland Police Bureau "make permanent the existing ban on the use of CS gas by PPB, a ...

Christopher Meloni happily accepts being ‘zaddy of the moment

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Christopher Meloni has garnered many a fan in his role as detective Elliot Stabler on "Regte & Orde: Special Victims Unit" en nou "Regte & Orde: Organized Crime." He is so popular that he's been dubbed a "zad...

Prince Andrew: UK High Court accepts request from Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s attorneys

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The U.K. Judiciary confirmed the news on Monday, telling Fox News in a statement that Giuffre’s attorneys had provided them with the necessary information and the office had "accepted the request for service under th...

Biden White House accepts responsibility for ‘chaosin Afghanistan, says it is ‘vigilanton terror threat

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Sullivan, during a briefing with reporters at the White House Tuesday, was asked whether the president took responsibility for the "chaos" in Afghanistan after the fall of the country to the Taliban. He called the sc...

Courtney Stodden aanvaar Chrissy Teigen se verskoning vir sosiale media wat haar afknou

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Courtney Stodden sê sy het Chrissy Teigen se verskoning aanvaar omdat sy haar op sosiale media geboelie het toe Stodden 'n tiener was, maar betwis dat Teigen privaat na haar probeer uitreik. Stodden, n model, musikant ...

‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic accepts Carole Baskin’s offer to help him get out of prison

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Joe and Carole’s feud was the subject of the immensely popular Netflix documentary series "Tiger King." He is currently two years into a 22-year prison sentence stemming from a failed murder-for-hire plot against Bas...