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A sledding accident in New York has left a teen dead and a toddler injured

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A 16-year-old girl was killed in a sledding accident in upstate New York on Saturday that also injured a toddler, according to the Niagara County Sheriff's Office. The teenager was sledding with a 3-year-old boy in ...

Bus is dangling from New York overpass after accident that left at least seven people injured

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At least seven people, including the bus driver, were injured after a bus crashed through a overpass barrier in New York City's Bronx area, according to the New York Police Department. The tandem bus is now danglin...

Die sokkerspeler Anele Ngcongca sterf in 'n motorongeluk op ouderdom 33

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Die voormalige Suid-Afrikaanse sokkerinternasionaal Anele Ngcongca is Maandag in 'n motorongeluk dood, volgens die land se IPSS Medical Rescue-diens. In 'n verklaring op sy webwerf, IPSS Medical Rescue het gesê dit reageer ...

Vince Reffet, ‘Jetman’ vlieënier, sterf in opleidingsongeluk in Dubai

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Vince Reffet, 'n Franse jetpack-vlieënier wat na Jetman Dubai gevlieg het, is tydens 'n ongeluk dood. Die voorval het Dinsdagoggend plaaslike tyd in Dubai plaasgevind, volgens 'n verklaring van die maatskappy, Post ...

George Clooney besin oor sy skrikwekkend 2018 ongeluk

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George Clooney begin oor 'n motorfietsongeluk wat hy gedink het sy lewe kan beëindig. Die akteur het met GQ gesels oor die oomblikke na die botsing op Sardinië in 2018. "Ek was op die grond. Ek was regtig sc ...

Hiker dies at Arethusa Falls, the third fatal accident at New Hampshire state parks reported within a week

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A man died while hiking a trail in a New Hampshire state park Saturday, making for the third hiking/climbing-related fatality within a week, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game department. The unidentified...

Ten minste 16 killed from carbon monoxide poisoning in China coal mine accident

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Ten minste 16 workers in southwest China were killed after they became trapped underground in a coal mine and exposed to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, Chinese state media reported. Daar was 17 people inside the...

‘Koekbaas’ star Buddy Valastro recovering from ‘terribleat-home accident

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"Koekbaas" star Buddy Valastro is on the mend. A "terrible accident" has landed the baker and television personality in the hospital and with one hand in rough shape, according to a photo he shared on Instagram on...

A Boston University lecturer was killed in an elevator accident

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A respected French lecturer at Boston University was killed in what is believed to be a freak elevator accident. Boston police found Carrie O'Connor, 38, inside the elevator in her apartment building, Sergeant Detec...