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Galveston City Council weighs banning golf cart rentals after fatal accident involving suspected drunk driver

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The victims from Rosenberg, which included two children ages 14 en 4, died last Saturday around 11:30 nm. after Miguel Espinoza, who was drunk, blew through a stop sign in his SUV and crashed into a Dodge pickup tr...

Baltimore seun, 9, skiet na bewering meisie, 15, op haar voorstoep; familie beweer dit was geen ongeluk nie

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Die Baltimore-polisiedepartement (BPD) het Sondag die 9-jarige verdagte in die Aug. 6 skietery wat by Strawder se gesinshuis op die plaasgevind het 600 blok in Linnardstraat, sê die seun was "speel met 'n ...

Indiana Republikeinse Rep. Jackie Walorski is dood in motorongeluk, McCarthy kondig aan

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Indiana Republikeinse Rep. Jackie Walorski is in 'n motorongeluk dood, Huis-minderheidsleier, Kevin McCarthy, Woensdag aangekondig. Hierdie storie is besig om te breek en sal opgedateer word.

Vier dood, drie kinders ingesluit, and eight children injured in tractor accident in Pennsylvania

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Four people are dead, drie kinders ingesluit, after a tractor towing a flatbed-type utility trailer carrying 12 people rolled over Friday morning in southeastern Pennsylvania, staatspolisie gesê. The man operati...

American woman killed on Fiji honeymoon had ‘horrificinjuries that were no accident: prokureur

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Fiji police discovered Christe Chen, a Memphis 39-year-old, beaten to death in the bathroom of a luxurious room at the Turtle Island Resort on Nanuya Levu on July 9, volgens owerhede. They arrested her husban...

A medical helicopter in Ohio crashes while responding to a fatal car accident, sê die polisie

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A medical chopper responding Tuesday to the scene of a fatal car accident in southern Ohio crashed while attempting to land, owerhede gesê. First responders learned just after 4 am. Tuesday that two vehicles col...

8-year-old shot and killed by his younger brother in what authorities believe was a tragic accident

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An 8-year-old boy was shot and killed by his 5-year-old brother Thursday in what Arkansas authorities believe was an accidental shooting. "This is a tragic incident that could have been avoided. I can't emphasize s...

US Park Police helicopter lands on DC freeway to rescue motorcycle officer after accident

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USPP told Fox News the motorcycle officer was involved in a crash in the area of Maine Avenue and I-395 around 6:30 nm. A USPP helicopter responding to an accident. (@Ryanclary11) A USPP Eagle heli...

Details around death of Blue Jays coach’s daughter revealed: ‘Terrible accident

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Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources spokesperson Paige Pearson said Monday the teen was one of two girls who fell off a tube being pulled by a boat on the James River in Richmond. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTCOV...

Familie van 11-jarige wat in Iowa-waterrit-ongeluk dood is, lê 'n regsgeding in vir onregmatige dood

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Die familie van 'n 11-jarige seun wat verlede jaar gesterf het nadat 'n pretparkrit in Iowa omvergewerp is, het Donderdag 'n regsgeding oor die onregmatige dood aanhangig gemaak, sê die park kon nie 'n veilige waterrit handhaaf nie, volgens 'n afskrif van ...

‘ER’sMary Mara cause of death confirmed to be ‘an accidentdue to ‘water drowningin New York river

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"The Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office performed a post-mortem examination on the decedent and determined that Mary Mara’s manner of death was an accident, due to asphyxiation, and water drowning," New York ...

Turks and Caicos jury rejects bid to reclassify New York woman’s strangling at Club Med resort as an accident

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The inquest was a court proceeding to re-examine the medical examiner’s original finding that Kuhnla had been choked to death by hand. Her family’s New York lawyer, Abe George, warned that the government and resort w...

Bart Bryant, three-time PGA Tour winner, dies in car accident

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PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan released a statement on Wednesday confirming Bryant’s passing. The details surrounding his death were not immediately known. Bart Bryant plays his tee shot during the Seni...

Kardinale’ Jeff Gladney, former first-round NFL draft pick, dies in car accident at 25

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Gladney’s agent, Brian Overstreet told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Monday that the former TCU standout died in a car accident. The details surrounding his death were not immediately known. Kerryon John...

Two people were killed and three are missing after a boating accident in coastal Georgia county

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Two people were killed and three others are missing after two boats collided Saturday morning on the Wilmington River, in Georgia's coastal Chatham County, amptenare gesê. The two boats were traveling in opposite di...

Woman dies in skydiving accident in Georgia

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A woman is dead after she fell to her death during her first solo training skydive in northwest Georgia. The 26-year-old woman was jumping at Skydive Spaceland Atlanta, located in Polk County roughly 55 miles north ...

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