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Cuomo bedank: New York Democrat whom governor promised to ‘destroycalls for nursing home accountability

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Kim, D-Flushing, vertel "Die storie" he saw Cuomo's resignation as potentially imminent following the resignation of top aide and defender Melissa DeRosa over the weekend. Kim, a liberal Democrat who had endorsed Sen. B..

Don Lemon accuser says CNN is ‘predator protecting machine,’ happy to see ‘some accountability’ with Cuomo

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It’s been over two years since Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit against Lemon – who is openly gay – accusing the CNN host of sexually charged assault and battery at a bar on New York's Long Island during the summer of 201...

Greg Gutfeld: So-called consensus shields idiots from accountability

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Eerste. Arne Duncan. He was Obama’s old education secretary. He’s so stupid he thinks SATs stands for sending asinine tweets. Like this one. "Have you noticed how strikingly similar both the mindsets and actions betwe...

Marine who criticized Afghan withdrawal, called for accountability discharged

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In a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday, Scheller recapped what he went through after posting videos on social media in August criticizing the Afghan exit, including a letter of reprimand, special court-martial, deten...

House Republicans call for Afghanistan accountability and demand Biden resign

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Biden faced an increasingly dire situation after his call to fully withdraw U.S. military forces from Afghanistan led to a deadly bombing that took the lives of 13 Amerikaanse. dienslede en 170 Afghan citizens. Die pr...

San Francisco father of murdered 6-year-old says DA’s policies led to ‘no accountability

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Deshaune Lumpkin, one of four suspects in the killing of Jace Young, was recently found guilty of murder and is facing a maximum sentence of eight years in prison. Young's family criticized the decision to try Lumpki...

Dan Crenshaw slams Pelosi for shutting down Afghanistan bill: ‘They want no accountability whatsoever

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BIDEN SEES DEM SUPPORT DWINDLE OVER AFGHANISTAN WITHDRAWAL DAN CRENSHAW: Leading up to this, we've tried everything we could. We tried to get the Biden administration to not engage in such a silly plan, reg? We tri...

Breonna Taylor se ma doen 'n beroep op Joe Biden om sy belofte van die polisie se aanspreeklikheid na te kom

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Breonna Taylor se ma, Tamika Palmer, wil die gekose president se aandag trek. Palmer het 'n ope brief aan die uitverkore president Joe Biden geskryf in 'n volledige bladsy-advertensie wat in 'n weekedag van die Washington Post verskyn het..

Joe Concha ruk Biden: Die president vlug van verslaggewers af in 'n tyd wanneer aanspreeklikheid geëis word

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JOE CONCHA: "Die Britse premier moet dus toestemming vra van me. Psaki en die president se hoofhanteerders om vrae te neem? En weer, hoekom sê die perssekretaris vir ons president hy moet nie ...

LeBron James het 'n twiet oor die moord op Ma'Khia Bryant uitgevee, maar herhaal die oproep tot aanspreeklikheid

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LeBron James het getwiet, dan uitgevee, 'n berig oor die moord op die 16-jarige Ma'Khia Bryant aan die hand van die Columbus-polisie. Die tiener uit Ohio is Dinsdag vermoor, oor 30 minute voordat die uitspraak gelewer is in die ...

Rep. McCaul: Sadly ‘ironicMarine in brig at Lejeune for ‘speaking truthwhile Biden WH lacks accountability

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Ranking Member Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, vertel "Die storie" that President Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal should be rated an "F" in terms of the evacuation, as dozens of Americans remain stranded under Tali...

My man is dood in 'n vliegtuigongeluk van Boeing. Gesinne soos ek verdien aanspreeklikheid

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Naoise Connolly Ryan is woonagtig in Cork, Ierland. Haar man, Mick, is dood in die Ethiopian Airlines-vlug 302 ongeluk waarby 'n Boeing betrokke was 737 Maks. Sy is deel van 'n saak teen Boeing wat verband hou met die ET302-kras..

Outspoken US Marine’s defense team says guilty plea shows Pentagon what accountability looks like

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"This case began with a call for accountability by Stu Scheller," Tim Parlatore, one of Marine Lt. Kol. Stuart Scheller's attorneys, aan Fox News gesê. Following the bombing at the Kabul airport in August, the Marine pos...

Family demands accountability as Massachusetts authorities investigate the death of a Black 16-year-old

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The family of a Black 16-year-old is demanding accountability and transparency after authorities announced an investigation into the teenager's death last month in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Mikayla Miller's body was...

Pompeo and Libby: China’s COVID coverup and it’s terrible costs demand accountability. US must step up

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Tog, as widely acknowledged, we ignore at our peril the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) staggering wrongs. Prudence requires America and its allies adopt a more responsible and comprehensive course. MIKE POMPEO ISSU...

Ilhan Omar says Israel-Hamas cease-fire not enough: ‘We need accountability for every war crime committed

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She also accused the U.S. of tacitly supporting those alleged crimes with its support for Israel. "We should all be grateful that a ceasefire will prevent more civilians and children from being killed," Omar, D-Minn...

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