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Denying reality: briscola, Biden and growing accusations of lying

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Joe Biden keeps trying to convince us that we’re not plunging into a recession, regardless of what the numbers may say. Now I’m not comparing the magnitude of the two efforts. Trump is making a case that every lawsui...

Georgia voting shattering turnout records after MSNBC, CNN, others ran with ‘Jim Crow’ accuse

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L'anno scorso, President Biden called the law, noto come SB 202, un "blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience," ascribed it as "Jim Crow in the 21st century" and was supportive of Major League Baseball moving...

Studente delle scuole medie temeva che le accuse di molestie sessuali per l'uso di pronomi sbagliati potessero "frantumare" le possibilità del college

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Rosemary Rabidoux ha detto a Fox News Digital di aver ricevuto una telefonata da suo figlio, di Braden, preside dicendo che avrebbe ricevuto un'e-mail con accuse di molestie sessuali contro suo figlio. "Ho subito pensato, '...

Oil drilling exec rips ‘show trialon Capitol Hill, rejects ‘ridiculousgouging accusations from Democrats

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"I think it’s a big show trial," Eberhart, whose company provides drilling and production services, detto "Rapporti dell'America" host Sandra Smith. DEMOCRATIC SENS. KELLY, MANCHIN PRESS BIDEN OVER GULF OIL LEASES "Guarda, ...

200 Russians sent packing following espionage accusations in Europe

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The French, nel frattempo, have opened three probes into potential war crimes against some of their nationals in Ukraine, on top of the investigation relating to the killing of Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski outsid...

Hugh Hefner accusations: Can Playboy withstand the backlash? Brand experts weigh in

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The 10-part series gives an inside look into the late founder’s unconventional lifestyle and career. It features interviews with numerous members of Hugh Hefner’s inner circle, including Playboy staffers and Playmate...

Awkwafina issues statement addressing accusations that she has used a ‘blaccent

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The comedian and actress Awkwafina issued a lengthy Twitter statement Saturday addressing criticism in the press and on social media that she has used a "blaccent," or Black accent, and elements of African American ...

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Il "[object Window]: Un bambino perso all'interno del palazzo di Playboy" Un bambino perso all'interno del palazzo di Playboy. Un bambino perso all'interno del palazzo di Playboy 1975 all'età 6, ...

Man United sospende la star Mason Greenwood tra le accuse di violenza domestica

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Man United sospende la star Mason Greenwood tra le accuse di violenza domestica "Man United sospende la star Mason Greenwood tra le accuse di violenza domestica," Man United sospende la star Mason Greenwood tra le accuse di violenza domestica.

L'ex giocatore dello stato dell'Ohio accusa Urban Meyer

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Mentre i Buckeyes giocavano nello Utah al Rose Bowl, Williamson stava twittando cose che, secondo lui, Meyer aveva detto a lui e alla squadra durante il suo periodo con la squadra. Meyer ha allenato i Buckeyes da 2012 per 2018. Williamson ...

Kim Kardashian addresses accusations of blackfishing, explains decision to braid her hair

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Kardashian, 41, has been accused of appropriating Black culture more than once over the years, including wearing matching braided hairstyles with her daughter North. "Ovviamente, I would never do anything to appropria...

NFL reviewing accusations BuccaneersAntonio Brown obtained fake Covid-19 vaccination cards

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been accused of owning fake Covid-19 vaccination cards in an attempt to usurp NFL protocols. The accusations are made by Steven Ruiz, Brown's former at-home chef ...

Eliza Dushku details harassment accusations at ‘Bullto congress

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Eliza Dushku testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about her sexual harassment accusations during her time on "Bull." Nel 2018, CBS agreed to pay Dushku $ 9.5 million after she claimed she w...

Jesy Nelson addresses ‘blackfishing’ accuse: ‘I would never do anything intentionally

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The 30-year-old singer, who was previously a part of Little Mix, came under fire after social media users claimed Nelson had tanned her skin to appear darker in an attempt to be seen as biracial in the music video fo...

Former NWSL coach called ‘predatoras players speak out about sexual misconduct accusations

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Former National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) player Mana Shim has accused former coach Paul Riley of being a "predator" chi "sexually harassed" sua. Riley was fired by the North Carolina Courage last week after a...

National Women’s Soccer League calls off weekend matches after accusations of sexual misconduct by fired coach

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The National Women's Soccer League has called off all matches scheduled for this weekend following a report Thursday by The Athletic detailing allegations of sexual coercion and misconduct against Paul Riley, who co...