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Italian DJ accuses Conor McGregor of rearranging face

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As relayed by The Spun, the UFC star has recently been accused of breaking the nose of Italian television personality and disc jockey Francesco Facchinetti while in Rome. McGregor was actually in Italy for his son’s ...

Vanity Fair critic accuses Netflix of ‘gaslighting uson Dave Chappelle’s ‘transphobic’ 特別

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The streaming giant has stood by Chappelle's "近い," which critics including Saraiya have decried as "transphobic" over remarks he made supporting J.K. Rowling in that gender is based in fact, declaring himself...

「RHOC’ alum Vicki Gunvalson accuses ex-fiancé of cheating: ‘No Christian man would do what he’s done

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スター, 59, split from her fiancé Steve Lodge in September 2020, and now it seems that there was more to the situation than it initially seemed. 金曜日に, Gunvalson's friend and co-star Tamra Judge took to Instagr...

トゥルシーギャバードはバイデンの国土安全保障長官を非難. 大胆に議会に嘘をついているマヨルカ

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"バイデン・ハリス政権は国境での開放的な政策を持っています," ハワイ民主党は言った. "現実には、人々は毎日入れられ、国境を越えています。" バイデン政権下で...

Kevin McCarthy accuses Democrats of seeking to ‘silence parents

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"President Biden's latest decision is part of a disturbing trend in the Democrat Party to silence parents," McCarthy said on Twitter Tuesday. "We should encourage family participation in our schools, not baselessly a...

Newt Gingrich accuses Democrats of holding ‘massivespending bill ‘hostage

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PELOSI ADMITS DEFEAT ON INFRASTRUCTURE BILL, SAYS ‘MORE TIME IS NEEDED’ NEWT GINGRICH: It's not a stunt if it works, and what's happened is that the big-government socialists, particularly in the House, have decided ...

Emily Ratajkowski accuses Robin Thicke of groping her while they filmed a music video together

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Ratajkowski said Thicke grabbed her bare breasts while they were filming the "Blurred Lines" ビデオ, the Sunday Times of London reported in a forthcoming story. The song and sexy video, including a raunchy web-only ve...

Josh Gottheimer accuses ‘far-leftof risking ‘civility,’ ‘bipartisan governingover infrastructure

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He also claimed the progressive Democrats were placing President Biden's entire agenda along with "civility and bipartisan governing at risk." "I’ve been working around-the-clock to pass the bipartisan infrastructur...


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「THEVIEW」は、カマラ・ハリスのインタビューを覆したCOVID TESTINGFIASCOに対応しています: 「ミスがあった」ダグラス・マレー: このような交換は、彼女がパーティーにとって大きな資産ではないことを示していると思います. 彼女はexcでひどいです。.

コートニー・ストッデンは、CNNのアンダーソン・クーパーが、アンカーが作ったジョークをいじめていると非難している 2011

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クーパーは、ストッデンの後の彼のセグメントの1つでモデルについて冗談を言った, 非バイナリとして識別し、代名詞を使用する人, ダグ・ハッチソンと結婚したのは彼女だけだった 16 年. ハッチソンは 51 年 ...

ジェイZのロックネイションがカンザスシティを非難, カンザス州警察は何年にもわたって違法行為を隠蔽している

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月曜日に請願書が提出されました, 9月 20 ワイアンドット郡地方裁判所, カンザス. 初期化, ロックネイション, LLCは、市当局がでの複数の記録要求に応じて記録を作成することを拒否したと主張しています。.

Sharon Osbourne goes on the offensive, accuses ‘The Talkproducers of orchestrating her controversy

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Osbourne faced allegations of racism at the time that ultimately led to her jumping ship with the long-running talk show after years on the air. Speaking in a preview for the upcoming Season 5 の初演 "DailyMailT...

Joe Kent accuses US government of ‘despisingits own citizens: ‘this isn’t incompetence, this is malice

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Joe Kent, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces chief warrant officer, served for over 20 years and completed 11 combat deployments. He's running as a Republican for a seat representing Washington state’s 3rd Congressio...

US ambassador accuses Blinken of leaving hundreds of Afghan women behind to die in botched evacuation

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Among those at greatest risk under Taliban rule are women, who make up roughly half the country’s population and were severely oppressed during the Islamist group’s previous time in power in the late 1990s, によると...

デュエイン・ドッグ’ チャップマンの娘は姉妹を「カルト精神」で非難します’ 彼らが彼の次の結婚式を批判した後

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リッサは、結婚式に招待されていないことをTMZに伝えた後、シシリーとボニーチャップマンが嘘をついたと非難するためにInstagramを利用しました. リッサは9月に招待されているかどうかについてコメントしていませんが. 2 NS...

Gavin Newsom accuses critics of ‘weaponizinghis son over maskless summer camp controversy

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Fox News reported earlier this week that Newsom pulled his son out of the camp after photos of him surfaced. Addressing the backlash, ニューサムは言った: "You want to come after me, come after me but don't come after 9 そして ...

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