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Two Colorado officers arrested in use of force incident police chief calls a ‘very despicable act

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Two Colorado officers from the Aurora Police Department (APD) have been arrested on criminal charges in a use of force incident the police chief called a "very despicable act." The officers -- John Raymond Haubert, ...

University of Alabama in Huntsville sued for allegedly violating state’s ‘Campus Free Speech Act

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The Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing the school’s YAL chapter in the suit, is alleging that the policy violates Alabama’s Campus Free Speech Act. "Alabama law is clear: Students don’t need a permit f...

Mike Lee praises Republican success blocking ‘For the People Act’ legislación

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LEE: "I'm thrilled that we defeated S.1 tonight. This was a victory for the angels. This bill was written in hell by the devil himself. This bill would make it easier to vote. This would make it easier to vote illega...

Su. Kennedy slams Dems‘cynical’ proyecto de ley electoral: The ‘Screw the People Act

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PRESIDENTE RNC MCDANIEL: DEMS CONTINUE THEIR ASSAULT ON ELECTION INTEGRITY WITH S1. IT'S FOR POLS, NOT PEOPLE JOHN KENNEDY: This is an extraordinarily cynical bill, in my opinion, even by Washington standards. It's v...

Los senadores republicanos criticarán la S1 como "Financia la Ley de Políticos"’ En el piso

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Según comentarios obtenidos exclusivamente por Fox News, Ernst y sus colegas acudirán al Senado el miércoles por la tarde para destripar la Ley Para el Pueblo, la controvertida prioridad legislativa de los demócratas..

US condemns Belarus regime over ‘shocking act’ to divert commercial flight

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The Mig-29 fighters were thought to be responding to a bomb threat, but no bomb was ever found. The opposition figure was arrested in Minsk. Critics said the move was tantamount to a government-sanctioned hijacking. ...

Cruz promete "liderar la pelea’ contra los demócratas’ proyecto de ley electoral, que él llama la "Ley de Políticos Corruptos"’

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SU. TED CRUZ: Este proyecto de ley ante el Senado, S1 o H.R.1, muchos de nosotros lo llamamos la Ley de Políticos Corruptos, es, en mi opinión, la legislación más peligrosa ante el Congreso de los Estados Unidos. -- Existen ...

Nigeria’s President Buhari describes prison break which freed nearly 2000 inmates as ‘act of terrorism

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Por poco 2000 inmates broke free from a prison in southeast Nigeria Monday after armed men invaded the site and used explosives to blast parts of the prison, las autoridades dijeron. Six of the 1,844 inmates who escaped fro...

Southwest Airlines pilot facing federal charges after allegedly committing ‘lewd sex act’ on flight

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SPICEJET AIRLINES PASSENGER ATTEMPTS TO OPEN EMERGENCY EXIT MID-FLIGHT: REPORT According to a one-page filing in federal district court in Maryland, Michael Haak, the pilot in command of the plane, exposed his genita...

Rockets fired at Baghdad Green Zone in ‘terrorist act,’ Iraq says

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Baghdad A rocket attack on Baghdad's diplomatic Green Zone Sunday night was "a terrorist act" that undermines Iraq's international reputation, the country's president says. Eight rockets were fired at the heavily for...

Gunmen kill children in attack on school in Cameroon as prime minister condemns ‘act of wickedness

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Yaoundé, Cameroon Gunmen stormed a school in Cameroon and opened fire over the weekend, killing several children and wounding more. The attack occurred on Saturday in Kumba, a town in the country's restive Anglophone...

San Francisco’s ‘CAREN Act,’ making racially biased 911 calls illegal, is one step closer to becoming a law

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It may soon be illegal to make discriminatory, racially biased 911 calls in San Francisco. los "CAREN Act" (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) was introduced in July at a San Francisco Board of S...

Vatican strongly condemns euthanasia, calling it an ‘act of homicide

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Rome The Vatican has condemned euthanasia in its strongest language yet, calling it an "act of homicide" that can never be justified, in a document issued Tuesday. The 17-page document, published by the Vatican's doc...