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Uvalde mother living near school shares teacher’s heroic actions during Robb Elementary shooting

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"She tried to act like nothing was going on, to let them just interact with each other" sodat "they wouldn't panic and get scared," Patricia Chapa told Fox News. Salvador Ramos barricaded himself in a fourth-grade ...

Zelenskyy demands ‘global controlover Russia’s nuclear capabilities after ‘completely irresponsible actions

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"Every year on April 26th, the world remembers the Chernobyl disaster, the worst nuclear disaster in human history," Zelenskyy began. "But this year it is not enough just to remember Chernobyl… because this year, Rus...

Bishop Evansactions at our border are heroic in the midst of chaos that must stop

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In sacrificing himself for another, especially someone he did not know, Specialist Evans showed what is the best of mankind. He saw an illegal border crosser struggling in the Rio Grande river and without a second t...

Here’s who is eligible for student loan debt relief after Biden’s latest actions

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Washington The Biden administration has taken multiple actions to make it easier for federal student loan borrowers to receive debt forgiveness that they may already be entitled to under existing programs. The lates...

Biden calls Russian actions in Ukraine ‘genocidefor the first time to applause from Zelenskyy

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"I called it genocide because it’s become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out even the idea of being Ukrainian. The evidence is mounting," Biden told reporters after appearing to reference the t...

A roundup of controversial red-state actions restricting abortion, LGBTQ rights and more

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Republican-led states around the country have enacted a flurry of new restrictions on abortion, LGBTQ and transgender youth rights, and discussion of critical race theory. Here's a look at some of the legislation th...

Januarie 6 committee member says panel is ‘triangulatingto get ‘fulsome pictureof Trump’s actions

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Washington A member of the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol said Wednesday that the panel is "triangulating" to get a "fulsome picture" of then-President Donald Trump...

Colorado-jurie ken $14M toe aan betogers oor polisie-optrede tydens 2020 Colorado-jurie ken $14M toe aan betogers oor polisie-optrede tydens

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Colorado-jurie ken $14M toe aan betogers oor polisie-optrede tydens, Colorado-jurie ken $14M toe aan betogers oor polisie-optrede tydens, Colorado-jurie ken $14M toe aan betogers oor polisie-optrede tydens.

7 key state actions on abortion this week

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There was a flurry of activity on the state level this week related to abortion legislation as a highly anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court expected later this year could have major implications for abortion i...

Biden’s European trip will be heavy on displays of Western unity but could be light on actions to stop Putin’s Ukraine war

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President Joe Biden and his fellow world leaders hope to finalize and unveil a package of new measures to punish Russia, help Ukraine and demonstrate Western unity at a string of emergency summits in Europe this wee...

Feitekontrole: 5 times official Russian statements conflicted with intelligence and on the ground actions

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As its troops fight on the ground in Ukraine, Russia is waging a parallel war of misinformation. Even before Russian forces crossed the border, Russian officials were crafting a narrative at odds with reality. Publi...

North Carolina GOP Senate hopeful says Trump-backed primary rival ‘excusedPutin’s actions

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North Carolina Senate candidate Pat McCrory is going after his top rival in the Republican primary, accusing him of being "friendly" toward Russia and Vladimir Putin. In his first statewide television ad, McCrory us...

GOP Rep. Spartz sends message to Kamala Harris: ‘We need actions

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UKRAINIAN REFUGEES FLEEING RUSSIAN INVASION REACHES 2 MILLION, UN SAYS VICTORIA SPARTZ: We need actions. People have been dying. People in this cold weather, staying for days, left houses with nothing. It's going to ...

Texas Children’s Hospital halts hormone therapies for transgender children in response to governor and AG’s recent actions

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Texas Children's Hospital has halted providing hormone therapies for transgender children, the hospital confirmed to CNN in a statement Monday. The move comes in response to the recent actions of Texas Gov. Greg Ab...

Gymnast Ivan Kuliak wears ‘Zat podium in apparent show of support for Russian forces, FIG condemns actions

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Kuliak, a 20-year-old artistic gymnast from Kaluga, Rusland, finished in third place in the parallel bars at the event and joined Ukrainian Illia Kovtun and Kazakh Milad Karimi on the podium. Kuliak was seen sporting ...

Anti-COVID-entstofmandaat biskop in Puerto Rico onthef van leierskap deur die Vatikaan: Turkey again rejects Putin’s actions, Erdogan pushes for ‘dialogueand diplomacy

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The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a clear statement Monday that it rejected Russia’s decision to recognize the "so-called Donetsk and Luhansk Republics," saying the decision was "onaanvaarbaar." The Turki...

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