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その. Ted Cruz labels Biden’s joint address to Congress ‘boring but radical

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クルズ: I think the speech tonight, you could sum up three words: boring but radical. The speech by design was calm and dulcet tones, you know I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech. It was monotone,...

House Oversight共和党員は、「進行中のサプライチェーン危機に対処するためにバイデン管理者に呼びかけます’

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手紙, これは、ハウス監視委員会の共和党員全員によって署名されています, サプライチェーンの混乱は "一時的," しかし、 "労働力不足と成長するba ...

The most important line in Joe Biden’s inaugural address

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About halfway through his inauguration speech, President Joe Biden said something very important about the work of Washington -- and how he envisions his presidency. "Politics doesn't have to be a raging fire destro...

Sheriff turned GOP lawmaker’s personal plea to Biden after address to Congress

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担当者. Troy Nehls: I campaigned on on this issue related to some meaningful criminal justice reform. というのは, トランプ大統領, he did his best attempt to get some meaningful criminal justice reform. I think Senator Tim ...

House Democrats announce three new task forces to address the climate crisis

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As President Joe Biden's signature climate and economic bill stalls in the Senate, House Democrats are launching three new climate-focused task forces to get more momentum on the issue. The House Sustainable Energy...

Britney Spears to address court at upcoming conservatorship hearing

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Britney Spears will the address the court at an upcoming conservatorship hearing. Spears' attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, spoke at a hearing Tuesday at Los Angeles Superior Court. He stated, "Britney wants to addres...

フィラデルフィア市長は、犯罪の波に対処するために州兵を連れてくるという呼びかけを拒否します: 「敬意を表さない’

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スタンリー・クロフォード, その息子が殺害された 2018, フィラデルフィアインクワイアラーに、急増する犯罪を食い止めるために州兵をフィラデルフィアに呼び寄せるべきだと語った. "それらを持ち込み、戦略的に使用します. 彼ら...

マケニー: その. Scott’s rebuttal to Biden’s joint address highlights ‘the futureof GOP party

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マケナニー: 見て, Joe Biden has met with historians to try to make himself FDR. One notable difference... FDR had a two hundred-seat majority. Joe Biden has the slimmest majority since the final two years of Rutherford ...

エピデミックに対処するための命令に署名するバイデン’ 行方不明の, ホワイトハウスサミットでネイティブアメリカンを殺害

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ジョー・バイデン大統領は月曜日に連邦機関に指示する大統領命令に署名することが期待されています, 司法省を含む, インテリアと国土安全保障, 管理者が何に対処する戦略を作成する。.

読んだ: Joe Biden’s inaugural address

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Inaugural Address by President Joseph R. バイデン, ジュニア. As Prepared for Delivery The United States Capitol Chief Justice Roberts, Vice President Harris, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Leader McConnell, 副社長 ...

The plan was meant to address racism in the school district. 今, it may not get passed

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3年前, a video went viral of a group of teenage students chanting the n-word at a private party in Southlake, テキサス. 今, as the school district tries to incorporate cultural awareness into the curriculum,...

ライブアップデート: Lawmakers to skip Biden’s first joint address to Congress Wednesday night

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Instead of 1,600 people crowded into a House chamber for a regular State of the Union address, ただ 200 people will be attending Biden’s first marquee event before Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday. S.。.

クオモはAGプローブを「政治爆竹」と呼んでいます,’ 別れの挨拶で左翼民主主義者を撃つ

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クオモ, 司法長官の調査で調査された申し立てについて、複数の郡で犯罪捜査に直面している人, 不正行為を否定しました, そして月曜日に彼の別れの挨拶でそうし続けた. NY G ...

Biden lays out agenda containing slew of new programs in first address to joint session of Congress

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Biden delivered his address, which lasted just over an hour, from the House chamber Wednesday night, outlining proposals from continuing to address the coronavirus pandemic, to his jobs package, to universal preschoo...

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address offers inspiring message for our cancel culture times

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The Gettysburg Address went down in history as perhaps the greatest speech given on American soil. Generations of school children have memorized and studied it. Let’s hope that tradition continues because it speaks t...

The ‘Sex and the Cityrevival will address the Covid-19 pandemic

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Sarah Jessica Parker reveals the "セックス・アンド・ザ・シティ" revival won't ignore the coronavirus pandemic. Sepaking to Vanity Fair," Parker listed a number of things the writers are considering as they pen the series, whic ...

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