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Campionato PGA: Mito Pereira addresses collapse on 18th hole

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Pereira had a three-shot lead over Zalatoris and Matt Fitzpatrick going into the final round. Thomas and Zalatoris kept things close the entire day. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Mito Pereira, of C...

Mike Tyson addresses scuffle with airline passenger: ‘He was f—— with me

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TMZ released a video that appeared to show Tyson punching the passenger, identified as Melvin Townsend, who was seated a row behind him at San Francisco International Airport. Secondo il rapporto, Townsend contin...

Campionato PGA: Rickie Fowler addresses playing with LIV Golf ahead of major

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Fowler told reporters Monday he was unsure about what he was going to do in regards of playing in some of the rival league’s tournaments. The PGA Tour denied releases for a handful of golfers to play in the league’s ...

PA GOP Senate candidate addresses past tweets, says ‘Democrats have their own issues’

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"People ask me all the time. Are you afraid to run against Fetterman? And my response is generally, as long as I'm not running while Black," Barnette said in an appearance on "È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano" "And many of your list...

Republican senators introduce bill to protect justices, fed employees from public disclosure of home addresses

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The bill led by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., il "Public Servant Protection Act," would make it illegal for an individual or online platform to publicly post the home addresses and phone numbers of government officials i...

Pete Davidson si rivolge a Kanye West con un nuovo stand-up

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Il comico, 28, ha affrontato il suo conflitto in corso con il marito separato di Kim Kardashian in uno spettacolo stand-up intitolato "Pete Davidson presenta: I migliori amici" che è stato girato ad aprile. Lo speciale è stato presentato in...

Judge Jeanine blasts liberal activists releasing home addresses of Supreme Court justices

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JEANINE PIRRO: A radical leftist group has released the addresses of the conservative Supreme Court justices calling on their legion of liberal followers to march to the judges' homes. Activist group Ruth Sent Us wro...

Cawthorn addresses video released by opposition group showing him naked in bed ‘being crass

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An opposition group that is actively campaigning against Rep. Madison Cawthorn has released a video clip appearing to show the North Carolina Republican naked in bed and, as Cawthorn described it, "being crass with ...

Former President Trump addresses supporters at Ohio rally

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non è se si tratta di disinformazione, other Republicans running for election in the state were set to speak at the event being held at the Delaware County Fairgrounds ahead of the state’s May 3 primario. Former...

Chris Rock’s mom addresses Will Smith Oscars incident: ‘When he slapped Chris, he slapped all of us

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Il "King Richard" actor slapped Rock at the Academy Awards after the comedian cracked a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head, referring to the 1997 film "G.I. Jane," starring Demi Moore. è Chris Rock, 50, ha ...

Watters addresses inflation as latest prediction that ‘expertsgot wrong

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JESSE WATTERS: Experts are supposed to have all the answers. But what we're finding out today is that experts have a lot to say, but most of it is wrong. Let's look at inflation. The experts said this was a transitor...

non è se si tratta di disinformazione

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non è se si tratta di disinformazione, non è se si tratta di disinformazione 17 primario. rappresentante. Ted Budda, R-N.C., non è se si tratta di disinformazione.

fece cenno di ammettere prove per il processo Sussmann: 'Lasciami in pace’

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'Lasciami in pace. 'Lasciami in pace. "'Lasciami in pace," 'Lasciami in pace.

Oklahoma governor explains reasoning behind signing Save Women’s Sports Act, addresses critics

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"Biological males cannot compete in women's sports," the Republican governor told Fox News. "We're not going to let it be an unfair advantage against them. "I just think it's common sense," Stitt added. The bill say...

Chris Rock addresses Will Smith slap at first comedy show since Oscars

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"How was your weekend?" Rock asked the sold-out crowd at the Wilbur, a theater of 1,200 seats in South Boston. "I had a whole list of jokes before this week happened." Since the shocking incident at the Oscars, sales...

O.J. Simpson addresses Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock

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The former football star and actor, acquitted murder defendant and convicted armed robber took to Twitter on Monday to share his thoughts on the controversy. Simpson revealed he's currently in Delaware and has been s...