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Tulsi Gabbard knocks Biden admin as ‘authoritarianand ‘unacceptable

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TULSI GABBARD: "I think there were so many people across the country, those who voted for Joe Biden, those who did not vote for Joe Biden, who had high hopes that he would carry out his promise, that he would be the ...

Biden admin ‘reckless’ regarding court matters, Jonathan Turley says

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Turley specifically referred to the high court’s rejection this week of an OSHA coronavirus vaccine mandate for large businesses, which the justices rejected. He said White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s characteri...

Whitmer admin significantly undercounted Michigan nursing home COVID deaths, state auditor finds

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Die verslag, which is expected to be publicly released on Monday, is likely to renew criticism of the Democratic governor's performance during the pandemic. Michigan Staat Rep. Steven Johnson, 'n Republikein, het aan Fox N gesê..

Americans question why parents labeled domestic terrorists, but not Antifa, after Biden admin solicited letter

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"Parents are looking out for their kids," Marvin, of Florida, aan Fox News gesê. "That's the number one priority, their children, 'cause they are the future for tomorrow." WATCH THE FULL STORY HERE: Video EDUCATION SEC...

Biden admin hits North Korea officials with sanctions over hypersonic missile test

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North Korea has now held two tests in the past week, both of which it claimed were successful. The tests involved a hypersonic glide vehicle, which was released from a rocket booster and demonstrated "glide jump flig...

Asra Nomani: New emails show ‘completely diabolicaleffort from Biden admin to go after parents

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"This is the evidence. This email shows that we have not only the Justice Department involved in this diabolical plan but also the Education Department," Nomani told "jakkals & Vriende" host Brian Kilmeade Wednesday....

Meer as 47,000 migrants released into US by Biden admin in 2021 failed to report to ICE

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In a letter to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., the Department of Homeland Security disclosed that out of 104,171 migrants issued Notices to Report – which requires migrants released into the U.S. to report to an ICE office...

Arizona AG gears up for Supreme Court fight with Biden admin over Trump-era rule on immigrants, welsyn

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The Trump administration introduced the "public charge" rule in 2019 and sought to expand the definition of public charge, restricting legal immigrants deemed likely to be reliant on welfare from receiving permanent ...

Biden admin trying to ‘work around Congress,’ Ohio AG claims after Supreme Court session on vaccine mandates

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Yost is one of 27 Republican attorneys general who are asking for an immediate stay on the mandate, which is set to take effect Monday for businesses with more than 100 werkers. "They’re trying to work around Congres...

Biden admin needs Warp Speed for COVID therapeutics

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Faced with standing in line for over three hours, and potentially spreading the virus to those around us, we were able to get an appointment for a test the next day but knew we would still have to wait three more day...

Biden admin pledges to crack down on human trafficking as migrant crisis roils border

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"Human trafficking — whether in the form of forced labor, sekshandel, or other offenses — is an abhorrent abuse of power and a profoundly immoral crime that strikes at the safety, gesondheid, and dignity of millions...

Biden admin roiled by crises on Afghanistan, grens, inflasie, COVID – but heads yet to roll

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But despite poor poll numbers and the looming midterm elections, Biden has stuck with his team. In werklikheid, not a single official has been fired or demoted over the series of blunders throughout his first year. Afghanis...

Maryland doctor says people are ‘going to dieafter Biden admin uses faulty data to snub antibody treatments

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The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response halted the allocation of those two antibody treatments last Thursday amid the rise of omicron, which the CDC had said days earlier was responsible f...

Rep. Jordan blasts Biden admin for doing ‘everything wrong

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During an exclusive interview with "Sondagoggend Toekoms" the congressman argued that President Biden has "gegee" Amerikaners "record crime" and inflation during his first year in office. Jordan made the comments th...

Crenshaw doen 'n beroep op Biden-administrateur om die Trump-admin om verskoning te vra

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OMICRON EN DIE VIRUS VAN VREES REP. DAN CRENSHAW: As jy na die linkse media luister, hul groot maatstawwe vir sukses in COVID is saakgetalle en sterftes. Dus deur daardie maatstawwe, Biden is ... veel meer 'n mislukking. Weg ma...

Vyf-en-twintig state dagvaar Biden-administrateur oor maskermandaat vir kinders in Head Start

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"Soos al sy ander onwettige pogings om mediese besluite op Amerikaners af te dwing, Biden se oorweldigende bevele om tweejariges te masker en onderwysers te dwing om in ons onderbediende gemeenskappe in te ent, sal werk kos en belemmer ....

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