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‘Bidenflasie’ center of Super Bowl-themed NRCC ad slamming admin over spiking prices

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Fox News Digital exclusively obtained the ad, "Super Bowl Bidenflation," which mimics football hype ads while taking digs at Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Kalifornië., ahead of Super Bowl LVI. "Bidenflation is i...

‘It was an errorto promote CRT group, Biden admin says following Fox News report

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A Fox News story published Wednesday highlighted the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s inclusion in a Department of Education handbook intended to help public schools reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic and spend fundin...

‘Really scaryto see gas shortages in first months of Biden admin: Lara Trump

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LARA TRUMP: This is happening in the first four months of the Biden presidency. Think about the fact that under my father-in-law, under President Donald Trump, not only were we energy-independent, we were a net energ...

‘Tragicto see Biden admin ‘flip switchand reverse Trump policies at border: Mike Pompeo

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BIDEN ADMIN ASKS FOR GOVERNMENT VOLUNTEERS AT THE BORDER AMID CRISIS MIKE POMPEO: I always find it interesting when they talk about the fact that we did America alone, when in fact the deal that we struck to secure o...

13 states sue Biden admin for any communications on FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards

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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, a former member of Congress, has taken the lead in the lawsuit against President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, citing a failure ...

2 million illegal immigrants will enter the US in 2021 ‘thanks to the Biden admin’: Sy. Kennedy

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SY. KENNEDY: BIDEN ADMIN NEEDS TO STOP 'HONKING LIKE A GOOSE' AND SOLVE PROBLEMS SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: The Department of Homeland Security has announced that the border is closed. Maar, they lie like they breathe…… If ...

Abbott tells ‘The StoryBiden admin ‘standing bywhile Texans are ‘terrorizedby drug cartels

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Op Donderdag, Abbott implored President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to designate cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. "The cartels work internationally in Mexico as well as the United States terroriz...

ABC’s Jon Karl on Biden admin calling Afghanistan efforts a success: ‘Something that isn’t reality

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President Joe Biden and his national security advisers were initially defensive about both the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the effort to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from the Kabul airport. In his interview...

Allen West roep 'grondwetlike krisis' uit: Texas-soewereiniteit nie beskerm deur Biden-admin nie

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ALLESWES: "Ek is bly dat die goewerneur uiteindelik besef het dat ons 'n ongelooflike krisis aan die grens het. Dit is ongeveer ses maande en daar was baie Texans wat onder hierdie skandaal gely het..

Americans question why parents labeled domestic terrorists, but not Antifa, after Biden admin solicited letter

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"Parents are looking out for their kids," Marvin, of Florida, aan Fox News gesê. "That's the number one priority, their children, 'cause they are the future for tomorrow." WATCH THE FULL STORY HERE: Video EDUCATION SEC...

Arizona AG Brnovich on ICE releasing migrants into communities: Biden admin wants to ‘abolishour border

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LEAKED VIDEO SHOWS FEDERAL CONTRACTORS FLYING MIGRANTS TO SUBURBAN NY: 'BETRAYING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE' MARK BRNOVICH: My first reaction is outrage. You know I’m a first-generation American and this is a nation of imm...

Arizona AG gears up for Supreme Court fight with Biden admin over Trump-era rule on immigrants, welsyn

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The Trump administration introduced the "public charge" rule in 2019 and sought to expand the definition of public charge, restricting legal immigrants deemed likely to be reliant on welfare from receiving permanent ...

Arizona AG suing Biden admin rips new asylum policy: It’s ‘breathtaking

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REPUBLICAN STATES SUE BIDEN ADMIN OVER ASYLUM RULE, AS LEGAL CHALLENGES TO BORDER POLICIES MOUNT MARK BRNOVICH: In a nutshell, this is contrary to the law. So this is another attempt by the Biden administration to no...

Arizona goewerneur. Ducey verdubbel op ontevredenheid met 'nie-reageer'’ Biden-administrateur te midde van grensoplewing

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"Ek het nou saam met drie presidente gewerk – Obama, Trump en Biden - die Biden-administrasie is verreweg die ergste," Ducey het aan Fox News-gasheer Neil Cavuto gesê tydens 'n verskyning op "Jou wêreld" op Vrydag. In ...

Arizona governor sues Biden admin over federal money for schools with mask mandates

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"The governor’s office will not eliminate or change the (onderwys) programs to conform to Treasury's unlawful dictates," lui die geding, according to the Arizona Republic. ARIZ AG MARK BRNOVICH: BIDEN'S VACCINE ...

As America’s youth faces mental health ‘crisis,’ Biden admin sets focus on pandemic’s impact on children

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The first volume of the handbook, released in February, issued guidance on how to safely reopen U.S. public schools during the pandemic while the second volume makes clear that months of school closures may have nega...

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