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Murder suspect in New Jersey admitted to killing 15 people in New Mexico, prosecutor says

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A murder suspect in New Jersey told police during questioning that he killed 15 people in New Mexico, including his estranged wife, according to a prosecutor in court on Friday. Il sospetto, Sean Lannon, is accused ...

Biden administration to propose significant increase in refugees admitted to US

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The Biden administration is proposing to revise the number of refugees that can be admitted to the United States in fiscal year 2021 per 62,500, a significant increase from the 15,000 cap put in place under former Pr...

Why the longest-serving speaker in the country just admitted defeat

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On Monday morning, Illinois State House Speaker Mike Madigan made a stunning announcement: He would no longer try to get the 60 votes he needs to be elected to the post he has held almost continually since he first ...

Donald Trump just admitted what everyone else already knows about the 2020 elezione

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What the last four years have proven is that if you listen closely enough to President Donald Trump, he often accidentally reveals a deeper truth about his time in the White House -- and his campaign for a second te...

NHL’s Coyotes sever ties with top draft pick who admitted to bullying Black classmate with disabilities

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The Arizona Coyotes announced Thursday that they have renounced their rights to their 2020 top NHL draft pick Mitchell Miller after a recent report revealed he had bullied a Black classmate with disabilities. Accord...

Judge rules against DHS in Global Entry case after department admitted to false statements

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A federal judge ruled on Tuesday against the Department of Homeland Security, finding that the department acted unlawfully earlier this year when it banned New York residents from Trusted Traveler Programs like Glob...