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It’s going to be a frigid Valentine’s weekend. Take advantage of it

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It's Valentine's Day weekend, lovers! Time to slip on your sexiest parka, break out the romantic double Slanket (a real thing that exists) and hunker down for a record-breaking, bone-chilling cold snap. How cold is...

Thumbs gave human ancestors a ‘formidableadvantage

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Whether we're texting or using tools, our hands -- perhaps more than any other body part -- are what equip us for modern life. The killer app in the evolution of our hands was our opposable thumbs, which allow human...

CNN Poll: Biden continues to hold nationwide advantage in final days of 2020 gara

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With the race for the presidency approaching its end amid a raging pandemic, Democratic nominee Joe Biden maintains a substantial lead over President Donald Trump nationwide, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by...

Joe Biden mantiene un grande vantaggio in denaro nei giorni calanti della campagna

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L'ex vicepresidente Joe Biden e le commissioni democratiche allineate hanno mantenuto un sostanziale vantaggio in denaro di oltre $ 107 milioni di euro in più del presidente Donald Trump e della sua operazione politica nelle ultime settimane del ...