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Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill admits extramarital affair, says he won’t seek office in 2022

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"I will not be a candidate because of choices I have made and the decisions I have made that were not in the best interest of me or my family," Merrill, 57, told The Associated Press in a phone interview. Merrill dec...

Hunter Biden pleaded for dad’s help after affair with brother’s widow was leaked

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"'Dad,' I told him, 'if people find out, but they think you're not approving of this, it makes it seem wrong," Hunter Biden wrote in his book, "Beautiful Things," to be released April 6. A copy of the book was obtain...

Woman at center of Veterans Affair sexual assault report: VA ‘abandoned their responsibility to protect those who they serve

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A congressional staffer who alleged she had been sexually assaulted at a government-run veterans hospital said Wednesday that the department was actively turning a blind eye to issues of sexual assault. "VA is fully...

World champion swimmer Daiya Seto suspended following extramarital affair

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Four-time swimming world champion Daiya Seto has vowed to "start over" after being suspended from the sport for having an extramarital affair. Seto, a bronze medalist at the 2016 Olimpiese Spele, was suspended by the Japa...