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The USWNT wore ‘Black Lives Matteron uniforms in a statement to ‘affirm human decency

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As the United States women's national soccer team (USWNT) geared up to face the Netherlands in a friendly on Friday, their anthem jackets were emboldened with a message: La vita nera è importante. "We wear Black Lives Matt...

State Department tells diplomats to affirm Biden’s victory after Capitol riot

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Washington The State Department on Thursday issued guidance to diplomatic posts on the language they should use to attempt to reassure the world of the strength of American democracy after a stunning assault on the U...

Journalist: Doctors afraid of losing license, being sued if they don’t affirm patient self-diagnosis on gender

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ABIGAIL SHRIER, JOURNALIST: But the problem is much worse … the reason is because doctors in America are afraid of losing their license, nearly every medical accrediting organization has adopted affirmative care -- w ...