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Na amper 20 jare, US to leave Afghanistan’s Bagram

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In just a matter of days, the last U.S. soldiers will depart Bagram. They are leaving what probably everyone connected to the base, whether American or Afghan, considers a mixed legacy. MILITIAS FIRE ROCKETS AT US FO...

Rockets land near Afghanistan’s presidential palace during Eid prayers

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Three rockets landed in two different areas near the presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan on Tuesday morning, as President Ashraf Ghani joined other high ranking officials for prayers to mark the Muslim holiday...

Afghanistan’s female footballers make tearful calls for help

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The football players in the Afghanistan women’s national team that Popal helped establish now fear for their lives after the Taliban swept to regain control of the country after two decades. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT...

Thiessen: Biden is ‘hiding in the basementat Camp David while foreign leaders watch Afghanistan’s collapse

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US OFFICIALS WARN BIDEN'S AUG. 31 DEADLINE TO WITHDRAW TROOPS FROM AFGHANISTAN WILL BE 'CHALLENGING' MARC THIESSEN: This is Joe Biden, "Mnr. Diplomasie" – the guy who just traveled to Europe and declared the return of ...

Die weerstand van die Taliban lê weer in die hande van die Panjshir -vallei in Afghanistan

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Weerstandsakke het reeds in die Panjshir -vallei ontstaan, wat nog nie onder beheer van die Taliban is nie. Leiers daar poog om steun onder die bevolking te versamel om weerstand te bied teen wat baie meen dat dit 'n reël is..

Michael Moore compares Christian conservatives in US to Afghanistan’s ‘religious nuts

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The documentary filmmaker and author continued to voice his opinion in an interview with Variety on Thursday, just days after he compared the Taliban to Capitol rioters in a tweet. In the conversation, Moore argued ...

Daniel Hoffman: Biden dink hy het die 'eindelose oorlog' van Afghanistan afgeskop’ tot by die randsteen. Hy is so verkeerd

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Dus het die president die besluit geneem om Amerikaners terug te trek wat gehelp het om terreurbedreigings op te spoor. Die Biden -administrasie het ook die lugvaartbasis Bagram aan die Afghaanse weermag oorgegee, wat dit daarna oorgegee het - saam met 'n ....

Cal Thomas: Afghanistan’s horrors will spread. Does Team Biden have a grip on reality?

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We were not in this alone, na alles. It is right for our allies who fought valiantly with us to feel betrayed. Perhaps the most powerful and emotional criticism came from Tom Tugendhat, a member of the British House...

Heavy clashes erupt between Taliban and anti-Taliban group in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province

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Heavy clashes erupted Thursday night around Afghanistan's northern Panjshir Valley between Taliban fighters and an anti-Taliban group, according to a source within the group. Panjshir Valley, a mountainous, inaccess...

Afghanistan’s last Jew leaves country after Taliban takeover

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Zebulon Simentov, 62, lived in a dilapidated synagogue in Kabul, kept kosher and prayed in Hebrew, while enduring decades of war as the country's centuries-old Jewish community dwindled. LÊER: Zebulon Sime...

Afghanistan’s acting PM calls on those who worked alongside US to return

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"We have suffered huge losses in money and lives for this historic moment in the history of Afghanistan," he told Al Jazeera in an interview Wednesday. "The stage of bloodshed, killing and contempt for people in Afgh...

Last known member of Afghanistan’s Jewish community leaves country, taking dozens of women and children with him

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The last known member of Afghanistan's Jewish community left the country on Friday, neem 30 other people with him -- insluitend 28 women and children -- on a five day mission to safety, according to the group who c...

Afghanistan’s coming weeks, months could be ‘very detrimental’ as aid problems mounting under Taliban rule

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His comments come as U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken faces fresh grilling on Capitol Hill as to why the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan unfolded the way it did – and why the Taliban were abl...

Taliban names spokesman as Afghanistan’s ambassador to UN

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A letter from Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi sent to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres first confirmed the news, and Reuters first reported it. Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told Fox...

Barbers in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province are now prohibited from shaving beards and playing music

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Barbers in Afghanistan's Helmand Province are now prohibited from shaving men's beards and playing music in their shops, according to a statement issued by the province's Taliban-led department of virtue and vice. ...

Ten minste 16 killed as explosion rocks mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar

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Ten minste 16 mense is vermoor en 32 injured after an explosion hit a Shia mosque in Kandahar during Friday prayers, a doctor at a hospital in the Afghan city told CNN. The doctor, who preferred to remain unnamed f...

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