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US donating 17 million additional COVID-19 vaccine doses to the African Union

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los 17 million doses will arrive in the coming weeks. These are in addition to the 50 million doses already sent to the 55-member continental union. FDA PANEL ENDORSES MODERNA'S COVID-19 BOOSTER VACCINE FOR CERTAIN H...

EE.UU. para donar más de 17 millones de Johnson & Vacunas Johnson Covid-19 a la Unión Africana

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Estados Unidos donará más de 17 millones de dosis de Johnson & Vacuna Johnson Covid-19 a la Unión Africana, El presidente Joe Biden anunció el jueves. Biden hizo el anuncio cuando se reunió con el presidente Uhu..

Steven Van Zandt on South African activism: ‘We did light that spark

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The 70-year-old musician is known for creating political-themed music in his solo career after temporarily leaving Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. En 1985, he created Artists United Against Apartheid, a group of m...

Tribunal de Carolina del Norte bloquea la ley estatal de identificación de votantes, citando "la intención de apuntar a los votantes afroamericanos’

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Washington, DC Un panel de la corte estatal de Carolina del Norte bloqueó el viernes una ley de identificación de votantes, citando la discriminación contra los votantes negros. La Ley, conocido como SB 824, fue pasado en 2018 después de que los republicanos perdieran el poder..

Former South African President Zuma released from prison on medical parole

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Johannesburg Former South African President Jacob Zuma has been released from prison on medical parole due to ill health, the government's correctional services department said Sunday. Zuma, 79, has been serving a 1...

Hakainde Hichilema de Zambia prestó juramento como presidente en una inusual victoria para un líder de la oposición africana

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Presidente recién elegido de Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, ha asumido el cargo después de lograr una sorprendente y poco común victoria para un líder de la oposición africana. Hichilema fue inaugurado el martes por la mañana en una ceremonia a ...

South African sets world swim record; Aussies add 6th gold

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Others shined, también. Evgeny Rylov completed a backstroke double for Russia, Emma McKeon gave the Aussie women another gold, and China earned a return trip to the top of the medal podium. The mighty Americans? For...

¿Puede una empresa de transporte de motocicletas crear una superaplicación africana??

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(CNN Business)Las súper aplicaciones han despegado en Asia, con usuarios capaces de reservar vuelos, reservar hoteles, jugar juegos y más, todo en un solo lugar. Pero aún tienen que dejar su huella en África. Una empresa que espera cambiar eso..

South African civil rights activist issues ‘warning for Americaas left-wing racial politics take control

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"To put it frankly, there's a very strong anti-Western sentiment underneath this whole thing," Roets told Fox Nation's "Tucker Carlson hoy", as racially-charged violence mixed with a federal government concentratin...

South African looting ‘orchestrated,’ police minister says

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The looting is "orchestrated", said Bheki Cele, the country’s police minister. "Is this a Jacob Zuma-linked coup attempt?" screams a headline in the Citizen newspaper. Former President Jacob Zuma was jailed last week...

First African American to win the National Spelling Bee gets offer of full LSU scholarship

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Zaila Avant-garde, the teenager who this week became the first African American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee, has earned yet another honor: an offer of a full scholarship to Louisiana State University. ...

7 African penguins mysteriously dead at Florida aquarium

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The aquarium announced the news in a Thursday Facebook post. LARGE GOLDFISH CAUGHT IN THE WILD ACROSS MULTIPLE STATES SPARK WARNINGS FROM LOCAL OFFICIALS "It is with heavy hearts that The Florida Aquarium announces...

Atlanta woman wakes up to find a wild African cat on her bed

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An Atlanta woman woke up to a surprise when a cat -- that was not hers -- jumped onto her bed Wednesday morning. She was even more shocked to discover the cat was a serval -- an exotic cat native to Africa. Kristin...

Former South African president Jacob Zuma delays prison deadline with last ditch legal maneuver

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Nkandla, South Africa Jacob Zuma and his lawyers successfully delayed the former South African president's prison sentence for contempt of court on Saturday when the country's top court agreed to hear his application...

Former South African President Jacob Zuma sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court

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Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa's highest court found former President Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court and sentenced him to 15 months in prison on Tuesday, a landmark move in the country's long-running...

Now for the hard part, says Secretary General of African Continental Free Trade Area

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Accra, Ghana The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has been heralded as a landmark agreement. Advocates say it will transform business across Africa by removing tariffs and making it easier to trade across...

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