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Washington Post column calls on Congress to use the 14th Amendment to prevent Trump from running again in 2024

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"If the goal of prosecuting former president Donald Trump is to protect American democracy from a Trump comeback in 2024, there is a better way to go about it than filing criminal charges," Foley wrote. "In plaas daarvan, Co ...

Laura Ingraham: We had peace and prosperity and we can have it again

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LAURA INGRAHAM: That was one of the most irresponsible comments I've heard in a long time, and that's a long list. We wholeheartedly reject this dark and pessimistic view of our country. Nou, what ails America is the...

Extreme heat will again scorch a large section of the US, including areas where thousands have lost power

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Extreme heat is forecast again for a large swath of the Mideast and Southeast on Wednesday, testing power grids and leaving more than 88 million people under heat warnings or advisories. Temperatures could soar as m...

Bernie Sanders says he won’t primary Biden and would support him if he runs again

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Sy. Bernie Sanders, the progressive firebrand and former Democratic presidential candidate, said on Monday he would not challenge President Joe Biden in a 2024 primary and would back him if he runs -- a comment tha...

The White House wants to tackle migration again. But the key players were nowhere to be found at the Summit of Americas

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The Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles is entering its liveliest stage with a series of high-profile bilateral meetings, but the absence of key players in the United States' effort to address migration to the sou...

Prince Louis, 4, goes viral again during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant

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The son of Prince William and Kate Middleton had enough of the four-day weekend. During the Jubilee Pageant on Sunday, the 4-year-old was spotted in the Royal Box shushing his mother by placing his hand over her mout...

Drug overdose deaths up again in Virginia in 2021, fentanyl the leading cause

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The fourth-quarter report shows 2,656 total overdose deaths in 2021, a 15% increase from 2020. Synthetic fentanyl was reported as contributing to the most deaths, met 2,033 deaths recorded. Cocaine proved the second...

You can see ‘The Wizard of Ozin theaters again for Judy Garland’s 100th birthday

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Fans of "The Wizard of Oz" have another chance to walk down the yellow brick road in theaters, this time to celebrate what would have been Judy Garland's 100th birthday. The special screenings of the 1939 film are b...

Jeep Wrangler tips over again during side-impact crash test

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But it's not so funny when it happens during an accident on the road. In the latest round of IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) crash tests, die 2022 Wrangler 4-door tipped onto its side during the driver-...

Beto O’Rourke shifts position on AR-15s once again, quietly edits campaign website

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O'Rourke, who has sought to use the Uvalde, Texas school shooting to jumpstart his gubernatorial campaign, has repeatedly changed his gun control position during his various bids for office. Mees onlangs, O'Rourke'...

Skoolskietery in Texas: Former NYPD Commissioner Bratton warns ‘it will happen again

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UVALDE, TEXAS SKOOLSKIET: TIMELINE OF MASSACRE THAT LEFT AT LEAST 19 CHILDREN, 2 TEACHERS DEAD BILL BRATTON: It is quite clear that the first story is never the last story. They evolve over time. Jy, for the ma...

Skoolskietery in Texas: Pous Franciskus sê slagtings soos Uvalde 'kan nie weer plaasvind nie’

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Francis, sy algemene gehoor by die Vatikaan toegespreek, gesê hy is "hartseer oor die slagting" en bid vir die 19 kinders en twee volwassenes wat hul lewens verloor het nadat die skieter Salvador Ramos Dinsdag losgebrand het..

Face masks are now required again at many Philadelphia-area schools

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The School District of Philadelphia reinstated face masks in schools, a month after masks were made optional, due to an uptick in cases in the area, the district announced. "Until further notice, all School Distric...

Why Iranians are taking to the streets again

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A version of this story first appeared in CNN's Meanwhile in the Middle East newsletter, a three-times-a-week look inside the region's biggest stories. Teken hier in. Abu Dhabi, UAE The Iranian government mobilized t...

Fall TV preview: What’s old is new again, and expect plenty more of the same

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If you watch a lot of network TV already, here's the good news: You can look forward to more of the same, only with fewer opportunities to laugh. Squeezed by competition from streaming services (including those owne...

NHL playoffs: Panthers’ struggles on power play rear ugly head again in Game 1 loss to Lightning

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The Lightning won the second-round NHL playoff series game, 4-1, and three of their four goals came on the power play. Tampa Bay was 3-for-6 on the power play through the night and killed three of Florida’s power pla...

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