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The remnants of Hurricane Agatha could become Alex this week

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After making landfall Monday afternoon as a Category 2 hurricane just west of Puerto Angel, Messico, Agatha rapidly weakened and is now just a remnant low-pressure system, secondo il National Hurricane Center (...

A hurricane watch is in effect for Mexico as Tropical Storm Agatha forms in the eastern Pacific

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Tropical Storm Agatha has formed to become the first storm of the 2022 eastern Pacific hurricane season. Agatha has sustained winds of 45 mph and is 220 miles south-southwest of Puerto Angel, Messico. The storm is ...

Marvel releases catchy ‘Agatha All Alongsong from ‘WandaVision

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"Agatha All Along," the catchy tune from episode seven of "WandaVision," is now on Spotify. (If you haven't seen the episode, here's your spoiler warning.) The song premiered last Friday and immediately went viral....