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Alabama governor instructs state agencies to fight federal Covid-19 vaccine mandates

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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Monday signed an executive order directing state executive branch agencies to cooperate with the Alabama attorney general's office as it challenges the Biden administration's Covid-19 vaccin...

Biden signs memo to boost spy agenciescyber defenses

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President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a national security memorandum to bolster cybersecurity for sensitive computer systems used by the Pentagon and US spy agencies amid an array of hacking threats from foreign g...

California aquarium, agencies work to develop sea otter tracker

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The agency's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley is working to develop a modern tracking device designed to fit into the animals' hind flippers. NASA CONFIRMS MARS REGION HAD THOUSANDS OF ANCIENT VOL...

DC police warned other agencies before January 6 rally that attendees were urged to ‘come armed,’ according to new document

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Washington Local police in Washington warned their law enforcement partner agencies a day before the January 6 pro-Trump rally that there were social media reports urging attendees to "come armed" but said there was ...

FBI and intel agencies hand over first documents to lawmakers ahead of Capitol attack hearings next week

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Washington House investigators have received the first batch of documents they requested from the FBI and intelligence agencies as part of their ongoing probe into security failures around the January 6 US Capitol at...

Federal agencies buying up Chinese drones previously deemed a national security threat: reporte

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Los Estados Unidos. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have recently acquired surveillance drones from the Shenzhen-based company DJI, around the same time the Defense Department deemed products from the Chi...

Federal agencies release plans to steel themselves against the climate crisis

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Más que 20 federal agencies on Thursday released plans to ensure federal facilities and programs are resilient against the climate crisis, including bumping pay to federal firefighters, electrifying vehicle fleets...

Federal law enforcement agencies push for arrests and charges after Wednesday’s Capitol riot

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The FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies are planning a push to make arrests and bring charges against those who led the insurrection at the US Capitol on Wednesday, federal law enforcement officials said....

Former VS model Bridget Malcolm reveals she was sexually assaulted, told to lose weight by agencies

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Malcolm opened up about why she hadn't been more outspoken about her experience in the fashion industry in a recent video shared to TikTok and Instagram. "A la edad de 18, I'd lived in three countries alone," she s...

Georgia. Teniente. Gobernador. Duncan: How we RE-fund our law enforcement agencies without raising taxes or increasing debt

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These stories have become far too common this summer all across our country and have taken over our political discourse. One year after "Defund the Police" became the default movement of the left, the next mayor of ...

Los senadores republicanos presentan un proyecto de ley para impedir que las agencias federales requieran la vacunación COVID-19

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Texto de la legislación, denominada la Ley de Mandatos de Prevención de Vacunas Inconstitucionales para el Comercio Interestatal, dice que prohíbe "el Departamento de Transporte y otras agencias de promulgar reglas que requieran un permiso..

Gutfeld: Government health agencies put their reputations over your life

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That's it. Good night, todos. Primero, a leader, so-called leader VP Kamala Harris, or as Joe calls her, President Harris, as she attempts to string some words together, like cheap, half-blinking Christmas lights,...

Homeland Security agencies prepare for civil unrest amid heightened tensions nationwide

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Two of the Department of Homeland Security's immigration enforcement agencies are preparing for the possibility of more civil unrest amid a contentious election, según los funcionarios, part of a concerted effort by...

Knoxville police say multiple agencies are on scene of school shooting

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Knoxville Police Department (KPD) in Tennessee said that multiple agencies are at the scene of a shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School. There are multiple gunshot victims reported, KPD said in a tweet on Monday...

Nuevos detalles arrojan luz sobre las formas en que Mark Meadows presionó a las agencias federales para que persigan reclamos electorales dudosos

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Washington La nueva cooperación del exjefe de gabinete de la Casa Blanca Mark Meadows con el 6 El comité de selección de la Cámara de Representantes podría brindar a los investigadores una ventana valiosa sobre cómo el ex presidente Donald Trump y sus aliados intentan ....

Su. Ron Johnson: Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades, other US health agencies have lost American public’s trust

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CDC BOSS WALENSKY, AFTER FOX TV APPEARANCE, WALKS BACK VACCINE MANDATE REMARKS U.S. SU. RON JOHNSON: The American public is losing faith in our federal health agencies-- and that’s a real shame. If there’s one part ...

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