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Trump to Hannity: GOP must run on ‘MAGAagenda if they want to retake Congress in 2022

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Trump told host Sean Hannity that there are aspects of the 2020 presidential election that show marked improvement for the GOP, outside of their typical precincts. As the GOP continues further into being a working-cl...

Hannity: Biden’s ‘America Lastagenda putting more than just the US at risk

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Hannity said that every decision Biden has made has had tragic or dangerous consequences, from rescinding Donald Trump's border policies and letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unvetted and largely...

Manchin noem verkiesingsuitslae 'n 'wake-up call';’ reageer op impak op Biden-agenda

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"Ek het dit net gesien om te bevestig dat ons 'n verdeelde land het ... ek hoop dit is 'n wekroep vir ons almal," Manchin gesê. "ek is bekommerd. Ek het gepraat oor ons skuld, Ek het gepraat oor inflasie, [en] Ek was...

gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie: gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie

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gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie, gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie. gepraat oor hoekom skaats vir 'n ander land nie vir hom gaan gebeur nie.

Olie, Iran and normalization top the agenda as Biden embarks on trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia

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With soaring oil prices, brought on in part by Russia’s war in Ukraine, and as tensions continue to rise in the region over Iran’s march toward a nuclear bomb and a possible return to the now-defunct nuclear agreemen...

Ingraham: Despite disappointing jobs report, untroubled Biden carries on left-wing agenda

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INGRAHAM: Biden’s team seems to want Americans to get used to having a lower standard of living all in the name of saving the planet of course. So there’s an opening now for the GOP to put forth a pro-middle class ag...

Marsha Blackburn: Americans are saying ‘stop it,’ don’t want Dems‘socialist agenda

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PELOSI DELAYS VOTE ON INFRASTRUCTURE BILL AS DEMS FAIL TO REACH DEAL: LIVE UPDATES MARSHA BLACKBURN: What Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are doing, they are talking to people in the Beltway. They are no...

Douglas Murray scolds Biden and Democrats for politicizing deadly tornado to advance climate change agenda

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"Natural disasters now are used by Democrats and people on the climate left in particular as just another opportunity to push a particular political ideology," Murray told "Fox News Primetime" host Will Cain. GEBOD ...

Tucker: Maybe there is another agenda here

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He's reminded you that your constitutional protections extend precisely as far as he says they do. Nou, the framers famously claimed that a citizen's rights come from God and the government's job is to protect those ...

At home and abroad, the Biden agenda suddenly seems stalled

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Joe Biden had it for the first few months, but now it’s abruptly eroding, stymied by such disparate forces as Joe Manchin, border crossings and cicadas. Manchin may pose a more durable dilemma than the cicadas that l...

White House continues to push debunked zero-cost claim on Biden’s agenda

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"The cost of the Build Back Better Agenda is $ 0," the White House tweeted Sunday. "The President's plan won't add to our national deficit and no one making under $ 400,000 per year will see their taxes go up a s...

Rep. Burgess Owens: Biden agenda doesn’t represent MLK’s hopes, ‘dreams

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Owens took issue with Democrats' voting rights legislation that, among other provisions, would water down voter ID requirements that states have passed. The freshman lawmaker said Democrats' assumption that ID requir...

PA GOP Senate candidate David McCormick slams Democratsagenda ahead of primary: ‘Stakes couldn’t be higher

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PA GOP SENATE CANDIDATE ADDRESSES PAST TWEETS, SAYS 'DEMOCRATS HAVE THEIR OWN ISSUES' DAVID MCCORMICK: Wel, my closing argument is the stakes couldn't be higher. So I'm aligned with America First policies. Ek was...

Biden DOJ’s police reform agenda ‘dangerous’: law enforcement advocates

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Op Woensdag, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Justice Department will be conducting a civil "pattern or practice" investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department following the death of George...

White House fires back at McCarthy as it doubles down on domestic agenda

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The White House is firing back at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who on Tuesday called for Democrats to halt work on their sweeping economic agenda to focus on Afghanistan evacuations. McCarthy said his call ...

Steve Scalise: Moenie 'n fout maak nie, Biden se agenda was op die stemming

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JONGKIN 2024 SPEKULASIE WIREL NA STUNNER IN VIRGINIA REP. STEVE SKAAL: "As u daaraan dink, dalk 'n maand gelede, as jy dalk in 'n distrik was wat Joe Biden gewen het 12 punte, jy het seker gedink jy is ...

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