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Trump to Hannity: GOP must run on ‘MAGAagenda if they want to retake Congress in 2022

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Trump told host Sean Hannity that there are aspects of the 2020 presidential election that show marked improvement for the GOP, outside of their typical precincts. As the GOP continues further into being a working-cl...

‘Insane left-wing agenda’: Scott slams Democratscourt-packing ‘power grab

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DEMOCRATS TO PROPOSE LEGISLATION EXPANDING THE SUPREME COURT RICK SCOTT: This is just part of the Democrat power grab. Jy weet, they want to pack the Supreme Court so they can get some activist judges that are gonna...

Joy Behar says Biden went too soft with gun control agenda, pleads with Democrats to ‘seize the day

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"Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment," Biden said on Thursday. "These are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we're talking abou...

Jason Chaffetz: Demokrate’ crisis relief a pretext to throw trillions at this ‘disaster liberalism’ agenda

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The rest of the money is being used to grow government and to subsidize well-heeled Democratic constituencies. Ditto for the last COVID relief bill, of which roughly 10% funded COVID relief. Already the Biden adminis...

Biden and Harris to visit Georgia, a battleground that paved way for agenda

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Atlanta Democratic voters in Georgia may have helped deliver Joe Biden's long quest to win the White House, but they take even prouder ownership of their critical role in cementing an early chapter of his legacy thro...

Biden hopes Trump’s impeachment won’t derail agenda

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Washington As his predecessor is tried in the US Capitol this week for inciting a deadly riot, President Joe Biden will work to keep his first-100-days agenda on track from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. He'll...

Trump het die Hooggeregshof getransformeer wat meestal sy agenda bevorder het

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President Donald Trump sal Woensdag die Withuis verlaat, maar drie van die nege regters van die Hooggeregshof agterlaat en 'n meerderheid wat bereid was om met hom saam te werk vir 'n groot deel van sy agenda.. Trump se afdruk o ...

Demokrate vrees McConnell veto oor Biden agenda

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Die verkose president Joe Biden se agenda in Washington sal moontlik net so ver gaan as wat Mitch McConnell hom toelaat. McConnell, die Republikeinse leier van die Senaat wat verlede week in Kentucky tot 'n sewende termyn herkies is, is gereed om vas te hou ...

Prosecutor resigns from Trump law enforcement commission, calls it ‘intent on providing cover for a predetermined agenda

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One of the four leading prosecutors chosen to be on President Donald Trump's law enforcement commission resigned last week after expressing "serious" concerns that the intention of the commission was not to bridge t...