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Texas Children’s Hospital halts hormone therapies for transgender children in response to governor and AG’s recent actions

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Texas Children's Hospital has halted providing hormone therapies for transgender children, the hospital confirmed to CNN in a statement Monday. The move comes in response to the recent actions of Texas Gov. Greg Ab...

Takeaways and new details from the New York AG’s investigation into Trump’s business empire

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New York New York Attorney General Letitia James laid out new, specific details about what her office believes to be "misleading or fraudulent" financial statements from former President Donald Trump's business empir...

CNN se Chris Cuomo van die lug 'onbepaald'’ na onthullings van New York AG se ondersoek na broer

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Chris Cuomo van CNN 'onbepaald' van die lug af hangende die evaluering van sy betrokkenheid by broer se skandale..

Cuomo probe: Albany DA will request ‘investigative materialsfrom AG’s office

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James' report, which was published Tuesday morning, included interviews with 179 people and found that Cuomo harassed current and former staff members, including staff members based in Albany, tussen 2013 en 2020. ...

Biden’s immigration policies hurt environment? Arizona green groups react to state AG’s lawsuit

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"This is a cynical lawsuit by the attorney general. Attorney General Brnovich did nothing while the Trump administration waived laws along the border, including environmental laws to erect the hateful, skadelik, ineff...

Eric Trump says he’s willing to be interviewed by the New York AG’s office but not until after election

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Eric Trump has proposed sitting for an interview with the New York State Attorney General's Office for its investigation into the Trump Organization after the presidential election, volgens 'n nuwe hofdossier. ...