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DoD releases photos of U.S. service members aiding Afghanistan evacuation efforts

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The photos showed U.S. troops serving lunch to Afghan refugees who were completing Special Immigrant Applications, 'n Amerikaanse. Marine escorting civilians through a security checkpoint at Kabul’s airport, and Afghan civili...

Hannity shreds Dems on border crisis response, Biden admin ‘aiding and abettinglawbreaking

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"Onthou, with the left in America today, the New Green Deal socialists, there is no room for freedom of speech, freedom of thought," hy het gesê. "There’s no difference of opinion allowed, no debate allowed. You submit...

Kabul Red Cross aiding victims of war is determined to remain open: ‘Please do not forget Afghanistan

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"What you could see around the airport was so shocking," het hy aan Fox News gesê. "I never expected anything like this." Cairo came to Kabul in 1990, dispatched by the International Committee of the Red Cross to care for vi...