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Justice Department pressured to end China Initiative aimed at targeting espionage

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Protesters stood outside the Department of Justice this week, begging for an end to the 3-year-old program. "Stop the China Initiative as we know it. Catch the spies, not the Chinese American scientists," Haipei Sh...

AEW attendee booted from show over transphobic sign aimed at barrier-breaking wrestler

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Rose made history when she signed with AEW in 2019, becoming the first openly transgender wrestler to agree to a deal with a major American promotion. She later became the first transgender wrestler to win a title wh...

‘Hawkeyemisses the mark with an opening aimed at introducing Kate Bishop

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Marvel might have reached into its quiver once too often with "Hawkeye," at least based on the first two episodes, which offer a slow start tilted more toward the character of Kate Bishop than the titular Clint Bart...

The boxing championships aimed at ‘disrupting homophobia, transphobia, hatred in sport

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En 2017, Martin Stark almost died. He lives with Addison's disease, an auto-immune condition which effects the adrenal gland and can inhibit the production of cortisol or aldosterone. Because of the disease, Stark...

Un niño de 3 años murió después de que un aluvión de disparos fuera dirigido a una casa en Charlotte., Carolina del Norte

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Un niño de 3 años murió y su hermana resultó herida dentro de la casa de un familiar en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, después de que varias personas dispararan bruscamente 150 rondas de disparos en la casa, la policía dijo. El Charlotte-Mecklenburg ...

George Clooney, Kerry Washington, Don Cheedle and more back Los Angeles high school aimed at making Hollywood more inclusive

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George Clooney, Kerry Washington, Don Cheadle and more stars hope to make Hollywood more inclusive by exposing students to entertainment industry jobs during high school. The industry veterans are backing a magnet p...

Trump se detiene en 2020 durante el evento de Carolina del Norte destinado a ayudar a los republicanos en 2022

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Greenville, El expresidente de Carolina del Norte, Donald Trump, hizo trizas las esperanzas de los republicanos el sábado que pasaron las semanas previas a su resurgimiento público alentándolo a mantener su enfoque en la política y los demócratas..

Proyectos de ley bipartidistas dirigidos a China sobre los orígenes del coronavirus, dejando a las victimas’ parientes sue Beijing

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Proyectos de ley de la Cámara bipartidista dirigidos a China sobre los orígenes del coronavirus, dejar que los familiares de las víctimas demanden a Beijing. Los miembros de la cámara baja planean presentar dos proyectos de ley bipartidistas el viernes que abordan los orígenes de la pandemia de coronavirus y ...

Trump to sign order aimed at prioritizing Covid-19 vaccine shipment to Americans

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President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday aimed at prioritizing the shipment of the coronavirus vaccine to Americans before other nations, according to senior administration officials....

Trump appointee resigns as a ‘matter of conscienceover executive order aimed at civil service

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A Trump appointee tasked with advising the administration on federal civil servants' pay has resigned over his objections to a new executive order that appears to provide the President more leeway in the hiring and ...

Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis calls for legislation aimed at cracking down on disorderly protests

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Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis released a sweeping set of proposals on Monday that would dramatically crack down on people who attend protests that turn violent or disorderly by threatening them with a mix of felonies an...